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Light tactical boots with Bates Feather

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Light tactical boots with Bates Feather

- Light and breathable, suitable for all seasons


When it comes to tactical boots, the first image that comes to mind must be a traditional boot.


Sturdy and durable, can provide good protection for foot and ankle part and rely on, however, too much pursuit at the same time, the performance of the beautiful sex at the expense of his appearance, and comfort, a few kilometers road, it is a good physical strength has also been boots dragged down, even if the manual will not be dragged down, a bit hot climates, thick and not breathable boots can pour water, many foot is not so?


But in August, Bates unveiled a new six-inch tactical boot that is said to be as light as feather and as thin as yarn. Can sauna day wear in help? Let's take a closer look.


Bates, as we all know, is one of the most common brands of military boots in the us army. The brand was founded in 1885 and its initial products were mainly dress shoes. As early as the second world war, Bates provided more than one million pairs of military boots for the us army. Today, Bates is one of the major suppliers of uniform shoes for the department of defense and the military.


The new Feather6 "tactical boots by Bates use the outer package with the blue background and white logo, which gives a sense of solemnness. At the same time, blue is the most common color used by police in various countries, which is very consistent with Bates' positioning.


On the bottom of the package, the size comparison table of men's and women's shoes and boots from different countries is printed on the white background. The comparison unit includes American size, European size, British size and Japanese size, which is convenient for customers from different countries and regions to choose. Open the shoe box, the package is simple and reliable, and there is foam layer between the two shoes, which can effectively avoid sliding wear during transportation. From the appearance, the shape of tactical boots and traditional combat boots are not too different, black leather and mesh design, low-key but beautiful.


Bates' tactical boots, part of Bates' Code6 series of tactical boots, are proprietary, BREATHABLE and BREATHABLE, and officially believe that OUR MOST BREATHABLE boot-now BETTER THAN EVER.


In a classic look, the upper is made of three different materials: lightweight leather at the front, TPU grain reinforced nylon frame at the back, and high-density nylon mesh. Nylon mesh surface for honeycomb type textile, can give it a better support. The whole shoe is made of a large number of lightweight and breathable materials, which are comfortable to wear and strong and wear-resistant.


At the same time, honeycomb design mesh surface density is higher than the ordinary mesh surface, light and breathable at the same time, also has a better water resistance and wear resistance. The lower part of the net is the Bates logo: a combination of half a scope and Bates.


The toe and heel are protected against kicking. Instead of the traditional steel tips, the inside of the shoe is covered with a composite layer that provides enough protection for the toes. At the same time, the toe part of the car line reinforcement, like how to kick, it will not break.


Breathable water mesh shoe tongue, thin and breathable, at the same time can effectively waterproof and dustproof sand infiltration.


The shoelace system USES Bates's patented v-fit system, which allows for rapid loosening and tightening of the LACES through special shapes of the LACES and their holes. When using, the finger can loosen the shoelace hook easily, after putting on good repass both hands to pull shoelace end forcibly, can whole tie tight, won't appear traditional military boots common up tight below loosen phenomenon, do not need to adjust shoelace case by case. V-fit shoelaces are also more secure and less likely to come loose than the more common type of knot.


The shoe gets thicken and use human body engineering design, protect ankle effectively while, also ensured the omnidirectional motion of articulation, do not suffer manacle.


The sole is designed with anti-slip rubber and has passed the SATRA WTM 144 dynamic anti-slip test for footwear and is capable of handling various terrain movements. Its sole refuses water part to make an appointment with 6 centimeters high, the commoner seeper that can drip to cross the life basically.


In order to achieve the ultimate lightweight, feather adopts the design that the midsole is embedded into the outsole, supplemented by a hard plastic outer layer to provide protection for the midsole and low, reducing wear. The midsole of feather is made of Phylon material. It is light to wear, with good elasticity and excellent shock absorption performance. There is no obvious sense of pain when jumping from the sole of feet 2 meters away.


At the same time, Bates's two-density insoles, which are a full 5mm thick, provide excellent cushioning. The actual wearing process, give a person the feeling is very light, foot protection, whether athletic performance or endurance is not limited by tactical boots. In the first week of August, when the temperature of 38 degrees was mixed with heavy rain, there was no stuffy feeling of wearing tactical boots. After a heavy rain, the socks were hardly wet.


This time, Bates' design of lightweight tactical boots completely changes the image of tactical boots in people's mind. Even in the hot summer, it is safe to wear them and give the best care to the feet

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