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Shoes you shouldn't wear while driving

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 - Life is precious, wear the price of shoes is higher

In summer, it's so hot that people just want to go out in their slippers. But what's even scarier is that someone is driving in slippers.


Why can't you wear slippers when driving? There are many kinds of slippers, but whether it is a hard material or soft material flip-flops, the biggest problem is that the shoes and feet are not fixed firmly. Hard material slipper although can send force, but in urgent case foot can slip from slipper, bring about trample not solid. With very soft flip-flops, the soles of the shoes tend to fold 90 degrees between the brakes and the floor. In addition, summer days are hot and the soles of the feet are easy to sweat. If driving with slippers, the soles of the feet are easy to slip, step on the pedal, or even can't step on the pedal, which can easily lead to confusion and accidents.


Recently, two traffic police officers found that two vans had collided. During the rescue, traffic police found that one of the drivers of the van was wearing slippers when his foot hit the brake pedal, causing a blood vessel to burst and bleeding. Retired from the army of the old traffic police in time with the traffic police single police equipment in the first-aid package to help the injured disinfection, hemostasis, bandaging, and contact hospital of Chinese medicine 120 ambulance. Emergency vehicles arrived, traffic police and the scene of the crowd together to help the injured on the ambulance.


In severe cases, it can be life-threatening. Some time ago, in Chang Zhou, China, a man wearing slippers caused his brakes to fail. After crashing into the roadside fence, he continued to drive along the non-motorized lane. He and his electric bike were hit like bowling balls.


If you fantasize about carefully applying the brakes in your slippers, this also affects your braking speed. One experimental study showed that slippers delay braking by 0.13 seconds, or 3.5 meters at 60 MPH. For women, driving in slippers is more dangerous than wearing high heels because they are harder to brake. It takes 0.04 seconds to move between the brake and the accelerator pedal in your slippers, which is twice as slow as high heels.


图片2What kind of shoes shouldn't you wear while driving? 

First, don't wear shoes with no fastening measures: shoes with no strengthening measures, such as most high heels, slippers, some casual shoes, leather shoes, etc. Most shoes without fastening measures are not suitable for driving in terms of their overall design and stiffness.


Second, boots: when wearing boots tightly wrap the legs, easy to cause joint movement inconvenience, some boot soles are designed very thick, for the control of the brake and accelerator is not so precise, it is easy to accidentally touch the accelerator when stepping on the brake and cause the car to lose control, wearing this kind of good-looking and impractical shoes, is not on the road to drive.

Third, platform shoes: compared with high-heeled shoes, because it start road to comfortable, because many women often wear platform shoes to drive, but this will be clumsy driving, but also affect the contact between the pedal and the foot, or even appear the phenomenon of the brake can not pedal to the end, it is recommended not to wear.图片4


And too much adornment shoe: wear adornment too much shoe to be in when driving, very likely small adornment drops off, not only can disperse drive energy, and card very easily below pedal, bring hidden trouble.图片5


What shoes should I wear when driving? Driving shoes are mainly flat, compact and comfortable, and it is better to exercise soft soles, because driving requires a long time to step on the brake or accelerator, the foot will always be in a tense state, so the choice of shoes is very important. 


Specific as follows, The first is to be light. Heavy shoes, such as outdoor hiking shoes, size is not light and flexible enough, in case of emergency, may not be timely and accurate response. The 2nd it is with the foot fit degree wants tall. Sneakers, for example, are of low fitting degree. The soles of sneakers are made of composite materials. In addition, in order to achieve the function of decompression and shockproof, air cushion and air bag are usually added into the structure, which makes the soles of feet unable to fully feel the pressure of pedals. And the third thing is that friction is sufficient. Only enough friction, to ensure that the sole and pedal between the fit.


Make sure you choose the right shoes for driving. It's comfortable and safe. Life is precious, and the line and cherish. I hope life will be kind to you, and before that you should take good care of your own life.

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