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A fire in winter - snow boots

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A fire in winter - snow boots

- About the matching and cleaning of snow boots


When the temperature is very low, a lot of people go out will give preference to snow boots and down jacket, snow boots is the most warm shoes, and warm clothes, down jacket, such equipment out of the door is not afraid of the cold, but there are also many people reject such tees, because down jacket and snow boots are more "fat" style, their collocation are together, may appear more bloated. Actually dress collocation, it is a very agile thing, want you to find a method only, both collocation is no problem completely also together. When the woman USES snowmobile boots to build down jacket, notice good 3 points, fashionable not overstaffed, warm winter.


Snow boots style to be simple. Snow boots style is the first to pay attention to the point, snow boots on the market of many styles, there are a lot of different adornment, also has a lot of different color, even now, there are some color matching design, as well as some the adornment of the hair bulb, etc., but if you want to use a down jacket, snow boots collocation advice or choose a style of simple point, what is the pattern are not the best.


First of all, the simple is beautiful, too loud meretricious easily instead, furthermore, down jacket in winter clothes is really a monster, is a very eye-catching dress, If you still have fancy snowshoes, you will look a lot of things on your body, which will be very complicated, and will also magnify the bloated snowshoes, so people should use simple style to match with the down jacket, which will be more fashionable, but also away from the bloated, let you warm winter.


Snow boots should not be too long. Snow boots is very easy thing, the longer the more eye-catching, also becomes increasingly bloated, your legs if you own with sweater at ordinary times what is also good, but the collocation of down jacket, especially with long down jacket, as far as possible to buy a shorter, probably to the location of the ankle, is too long will really bloated, and snow boots are mainly warm your feet, you buy so long actually warm effect is not too big, so that everyone should pay attention to good oh, also will more show long legs and short style also look more fashionable, bloated also won't find you, then you can rest assured that match


The two colors should be in harmony. The last point is the color of both wants to coordinate, the color of the snow boots as far as possible to choose the color of Mrs is not obvious, such as depth of camel's hair, or black, the colors will be popular, also won't too eye-catching, especially black, also more show feet, smaller collocation when down jacket is not easy to get wrong, not only but also more show thin, in addition, the color of the two also wants to coordinate, if you really like the color of some jump, will try to choose the same color, for example you wear red coats, snow boots don't wear black, grey, try to choose red, it will be more harmonious. It's also less likely to get bloated.


As we all know, snowshoes keep you warm, but the hardest part is cleaning them. Here are some ways to keep your boots clean.


The first use of cold water wet snow boots, but do not soak, do not use hot water, because that will reduce the viscosity of the sole shoe glue and damage the natural elasticity of leather, resulting in the opening of the sole glue and the body shrink. The second detergent and maintenance agent with a certain proportion of water dilution. Third, dilute a small amount of non-bleach detergent and maintenance agent onto a clean wet sponge. Please do not pour detergent and maintenance directly onto the boots. Fourth, gently wipe all parts of the boot. The skin of the sheepskin is very delicate and will be damaged if you rub it hard. Also, rinse the solvent out with clean cold water and then wipe the water dry with a soft paper towel.


What’s more, dry snow boots for more than 24 hours. When dry, please put the soles up and stand upside down. Never use a dryer or let your boots dry in the hot sun. The shoe body after air is dried can shrink a little, do not worry, this is normal phenomenon. After an hour or so, the shoes will feel warm and comfortable again, and more importantly, the boots will look nice and clean. Last but not least, wash the clean boots after air drying can cooperate with the use of waterproof spray, strengthen the water resistance of the boots. Once the boots are fully treated, use a special nap brush to gently brush the surface of the shoes in one direction to help restore the natural, beautiful and smooth texture of the nap surface.


But there are also precautions when cleaning. After coming home everyday, take clean cloth to wipe love boots surface gently, also can use hair dryer, blow cold wind to snow boots, the effect will be better, the time that blows is advisable with 2 minutes, attention must not use hot wind. When receiving, inside boot tube had better be stuffed some newspaper, because the newspaper can divide flavour and dehumidify, the place that receives must maintain dry.


As described above, the boots can easily last several years. May you have a pair of snow boots to make you confident.


Best wishes.

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