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A protective tool - work boots

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- Blundstone has spread its century-old shoemaking culture and will continue to perform the classic legend of fashion.


A lot of people think work boots and Martin boots are the same thing, but they're not. Martin boots have a history of beauty, first in Germany during world war , doctors for the wounded to design convenient comfortable military boots, after the trend for punk and street items. In contrast, work boots generally refer to American work boots, which were originally the shoes worn by workers when they were working, and were chosen by most dangerous workers in mining, logging and digging. Therefore, the shoes were also of high quality and strong.


A blue-collar worker who is unable to work with an injured foot will run out of food for his family, so although work boots are expensive, they are still required on many construction sites in Europe and the United States. Today, however, the definition of "Heavy Duty" has been extended from lumberjacks (only required to withstand pressure and wear) 100 years ago to high-altitude builders and high-voltage electricians (requiring lightweight, electrical insulation) with more detailed and specific equipment requirements.


In modern workwear boots are seen more as a cool fashion item, but they were originally designed for outdoor workers. Tooling Boots are also known as Workwear Boots or Tooling Boots. They were originally laborers during the period of the great western development of the United States. And later soldiers. In order to cope with heavy manual labor, the reliability and durability of the boots put forward a high demand. 


In 1973, Sidney, an American, introduced a boot designed for the changeable and complicated weather in the northeast of the United States. It was designed for better protection of the feet when logging. It was very popular and Sidney named it "Timberland".


As we all know, Blundstone is Australia's most famous work boots brand, enjoys a high reputation in the international community at the same time, is Elastic the ancestor of the Boot. It was born in 1870, has gone through more than 140 years of brand precipitation, in different countries and regions have a large number of loyal supporters.


In recent years, Blundstone has become popular in Japan, where Asian fashion is gathered, and it has become popular in mainland China. Blundstone has been launched in C.P.U. international fashion boutique.


Blundstone is committed to making environmentally friendly and comfortable boots that you can wear every day. The biggest characteristic can be summed up in a sentence, that is, "the inside is soft and the outside is tough". It is made of genuine leather, strong and wear-resistant. It can adapt to various environments and meet the needs of heavy work. Compared with the previous monotonous color matching, the Blundstone in autumn and winter 2014 is undoubtedly dazzling. Bright red, understated olive green and bright electric blue are paired with the Blundstone pedal design, making the 1316 series comfortable, light and stylish. It has lighter, softer and more durable soles than other collections.1316 dazzle colour comfortable series rolls out double color sole, on the design of sole bold added contrast color element to shine bright colour and traditional black union, and continued its classic design on shoe form.


Blundstone specialty made elastic double-sided boots is its representative product, the oil surface tanned leather material is light and firm. The classic of the classics is a black, brown pair of boots. The oil level of these styles to choose high quality cowhide, tie-in light TPU molded sole, has a good waterproof, anti-fouling, prevent sweat, feel is good, rich toughness, 4 mm sole indented form of antiskid barrier, whether it is a sunny day, or rainy day, or the snow day, Blundstone can meet your demand for shoes.


Compared with 500 series, 550 comfort series is more delicate and comfortable. It USES PORONXRD inserts on the sole of the heel and the toe to absorb up to 90% of the pressure generated during each step. In addition, PORONXRD material is also injected with antibacterial agent, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent mold, reduce the generation of bad odor, keep the clean and clean shoes, further improve the comfort of the shoes.561 and 585 vamp do old effect, more add fashionable breath.


The inner lining is made of natural rubber, and the sole is made of lightweight TPU casting. The cushioning system of the shoe bed is patented, which can fully absorb the pressure of the body on the foot during walking and reduce the injury of the foot during walking or climbing. These are the persistent pursuits of Blundstone for more than a century, and the brand culture endowed by the colorful and rich territory of Australia.


Blundstone entered the Chinese market in 2013, spreading its century-old shoemaking culture, and will continue to perform the classic legend of fashion.

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