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BATES tactical boots- RAIDE MID

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BATES tactical boots- RAIDE MID

- Mountain boots that are not running shoes are not good tactical boots


Shoes are especially important. A good pair of shoes can not only determine how far you can go, but also protect your ankle at some point. BATES RAIDE MID is designed with a running shoe design that combines the protection of a tactical boot with the comfort of an outdoor boot and the flexibility of a running shoe.


RAIDE MID USES a pair of 6 "shoes with topped specifications. I think 6" boots are compatible with flexibility and protective specifications, which can play a certain role of protection, but not as troublesome as 8 "boots to put on and take off.


The overall color matching of RAIDE MID adopts sand color. The main structural materials are oil resistant, anti-fouling and wear-resistant breathable pig skin. The leather products are provided by Wolverine Warrior® brand. The fabric is protected by 3M Scotchgard™ leather, which gives the fabric an invisible stain barrier to improve durability without changing the fabric's air permeability, color and texture. It is also lighter and more flexible.


At the same time, in order to improve the overall air permeability of boots, RAIDE MID also USES high-performance nylon fabric. The weaving process of the fabric is very intensive, which not only has good durability, but also has a certain water-repellent effect.


Visually, the design and texture of the boots are good, but as a functional tactical boot, some details can directly determine the wearing experience, and BATES, as a world brand, doesn't disappoint people in details.


The forepart of boot head is by the outspread reinforcement of rubber sole, can raise the intensity of boot not only, still can have boot head to prevent bump and improve the wear-resisting property of boot head place.


The upper of the boots is made of breathable pig skin with fur texture. In the long-term wearing process, wrinkles will not appear as easily as those made of cow leather. Moreover, the leather is flexible and very comfortable in sports.


In order to improve air permeability, a vent design is set on the outer side of the boots. From the following figure, we can also clearly see that RAIDE MID adopts the double-thread sewing process. After inquiry, we know that this double-thread sewing process comes from STROBEL in Germany.


The RAIDE MID USES traditional lace-ups, and the 6-inch shoes are topped and removed without over-fussiness. The LACES are made of nylon and match the color of the boots, while the RAIDE MID adds soft padding to the tongue to ease the pressure on the shoes.


The large surface of the shoe tongue is made of nylon, while the LOGO design of leather surface is added at the top. RAIDE MID also adopts a thickened treatment at the top of the boot, which can not only bring a soft and comfortable wearing experience to the ankle when doing high-intensity sports, but also the thicker design can bring a better sense of fit, so that my ankle can be fully protected.


At the top of the heel the RAIDE MID USES a TPU reinforced package design, which supports the boot and improves stability. From the design point of view, the design is also very nice, with a fine grain lattice design on the surface and a BATES LOGO on the side.


In the actual wearing process, RAIDE MID can not only bring me more protection, but also bring me more comfortable feet, and have a good elastic performance under the feet.


RAIDE MIDS with Ortholite insoles ® X40 insoles, high elastic Ortholite ® brand everyone should not unfamiliar, as a focus to produce the American brand insoles, many of the shoes in the world all use Ortholite ® insoles, its advantage lies in breathable, absorb sweat, deodorizes, bacteriostatic and other advantages, compared with the previous Ortholite ® insoles, the X40 model insoles elasticity increased more than 40%.


RAIDE MIDS bottom design has the feeling of sports shoes, it adopted the EVA material in the bottom, can see clearly from the image below this Angle from the heel boots, bottom slope design, adopted in this design of high heel the ball low, can bring better balance to exercise, also can brings me when wearing similar shoes comfort.


RAIDE MID sole USES the rubber material, the grain on outsole is also have the feeling of sports shoes, bottoms can be divided into 3 three area, located in the ball area composed of rectangular spur grain blocks, in the middle of the position, on the other hand, the more dense lattice rectangular particle, followed by the grain that is similar to the ball, and in the middle is added, such as the grain of the triangle. 



This outsole has very strong anti-slip performance and has passed SATRA WTM144 anti-slip test. In more complex outdoor environment, often encounter wet ground, gravel road, climbing and other conditions, in the wearing process can feel the friction provided by the sole.


As mentioned above, 6-inch boots can be both flexible and protective, we can wear and remove RAIDE MID quickly, and high-ankle shoes can fully cover the ankles.


BATES is a brand that embodies the style of a big brand in terms of design, materials and details. It provides more protection for me to wear it in any scene. Moreover, the design of these RAIDE MIDS is also good-looking and in line with the public aesthetic.




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