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Boots of an American soldier

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Boots of an American soldier

- American soldier's boots are so comfortable: feel your feet breathing and walk ten kilometers without getting tired


In each person's mind there will be one or two may be in the eyes of others common but in their own hearts but have a special status of goods. For example, Musical Instruments are important to some musicians, pen and paper are important to calligraphers, and weapons are important to martial artists. There is one thing that is important to a soldier besides weapons and that is his boots. Especially for the army, they have to march most of the time, especially when they are crossing some deserts, neighboring areas and jungles. A suitable pair of military boots will provide the soldiers with protection and guarantee their combat effectiveness to the greatest extent. American soldiers' boots are a very comfortable kind.


In real life, some friends noticed the military boots of the us army, maybe through a variety of foreign films, and were attracted by its streamline design and cool appearance, but you do not know in addition to appearance, the military boots of the us army is also very comfortable to wear. If you think of your feet as a living thing, you'll feel your feet breathing once you put on your American boots. Soldiers of any nationality face long periods of cross-country travel, which means they have to deal with a wide variety of geographical conditions, and the boots are extremely protective.


American boots not only protect the feet from injury, but also provide comprehensive care for the feet due to the scientific design of the boots. For example, the arch shape designed by ourselves can greatly reduce the pressure on the feet during a long march. Given the complex conditions faced by the army, the air vents not only allow the boots to drain once the water is in, but also prevent sand from hitting them.


In fact, in addition to the above introduction, the U.S. military boots have many unique advantages, enough to allow soldiers to walk a long way without feeling tired. At the same time, in order to ensure the needs of combat, military boots are also humanized design, no matter wear or take off are very convenient.


I first saw the Oakley boots worn by John Connor in terminator 2018.In fact, transformers 2, operation cobra, the expendables 3 and so on have appeared in the film, nevertheless many people say actually its appearance should be bigger than its actual function quality, the appearance is quite good-looking, but not wear-resisting, airtight and so on. It's not.


nFirst of all, this pair of shoes is included in the procurement program of the U.S. army. Although there are only a few special operations units, this pair of shoes is designed for the elite. Made of natural pigskin and special nylon, it is waterproof. You can wear it out on a rainy day, but never step into a deep pit. The sole is a combination of the famous Vibram hard rubber outsole and EVA midsole.


The insole material of Oakley11098 has also changed a lot. Instead of foam EVA or memory sponge, the insole is made of rubber. The rubber insole is relatively harder and the foot sense is slightly worse, but the arch support and cushioning are better. In addition, Oakley11098 added a quick button system on the shoe hole, which made it more convenient and rapid to put on and take off. It did not take seven or eight minutes to put on and take off the shoes just like 11096 with only the shoe hole.


Oakley, as a combat boot customized by seals, is capable of draining water and drying quickly. Moreover, the lining of Oakley11098 is aegs's anti-odor, anti-bacteria and breathable material, which makes it thick and breathable. The filler for memory sponge inside the tongue, one-piece tongue can effectively block the sand, connecting the tongue and the upper mesh nylon yarn and can quickly drainage, drainage air holes, the inside of the shoes have walked gauze cloth and air holes will form an air circulation system, you will feel your feet are breathing, even super comfortable.


Shoes at the time of wading into a lot of water, if the drainage system for the feeling of the fish in the shoe is really bad, and the drain of Oakley inside shoes in water for a few seconds can be empty, aegs lining material and lining within the memory sponge and shoes will be no water and moisture absorption in neatly and securely locked and water penetration ability through the outer layer of pigskin itself will draw off, in this case the wearer's foot into won't have the feeling of wet usually as far as possible, it will feel very cool.



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