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Chinese embroidered shoes go global

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Chinese embroidered shoes go global

     -Chinese ancient embroidery shoes art exhibition landed in Paris for the first time, Loved by parisians and tourists everywhere.


Chinese culture went out, the ancient Chinese embroidery shoes art exhibition landed in Paris for the first time. By state-level Wenbo creative product development and production base in the Jia Wenbo enterprise development co., LTD. "Chinese embroidery shoe art exhibition" held in October 3-31 in Paris city jewler, rice culture center, nearly all the citizens of Paris, visitors close to enjoy traditional Chinese embroidery technology, experience and profound Chinese traditional culture. The exhibition was widely reported by the local media in France, reaching an audience of more than 50 million people. It is reported that this is also the first time China embroidery shoe art collectors to lend their collections in the fashion capital of Paris.


From the perspective of displaying excellent traditional culture, the embroidery shoes art exhibition is mainly divided into four parts, which respectively present the marriage related embroidery shoes, the symbolic significance of the embroidery shoes' patterns and decorations, the embroidery shoes related to social status and daily life, and the embroidery shoes' craft.


The most representative is the embroidery shoe technology that China has been proud of. Shoes embroidered shoes of perfect combination of culture and the embroidery art China is unique handicrafts, Chinese nation in Chinese ancient land since from matriarchal society to patriarchal society, it forms the social division of labor of male plow female weave, past dynasties women passing on from one generation to another ancient techniques, embroidered shoes they together in not surplus feet shoes material tells of various dynasties aesthetic idea, fashion and cultural tradition, ethics value.


Period in ancient China, sewing embroidery shoes is a woman of the folk will learn a course, and they mostly skilled artisans, the colorful velvet, in his shoes, embroidered on the  bamboo, butterfly and rock pictographic expression pattern, elegant, meaning deep, full of emotion, women can taste to a strong and graceful and restrained the Chinese folk customs. For example, the shoes embroidered with melons and fruits are meant to be continuous for generations to come.


With the improvement of technology and living standard, many traditional handicrafts have disappeared, and many shoes are made by machines, thus reducing labor force and cost, but this also lacks a Chinese charm. Hand-embroidered objects are slowly becoming scarce, mainly because they take too much time and are not produced in large quantities. In this fast time, not only Chinese traditional handicrafts are being lost, but also some animals are slowly dying out. Therefore, the export of Chinese culture is not necessarily a bad thing, which is to let people who are interested in Chinese culture know more. Secondly, it is another way to protect Chinese traditional culture from being forgotten.


The embroidery shoes exhibition in Paris attracted a large number of citizens and tourists from all over the country, all able to appreciate the Chinese shoe culture up close. Returning to the exhibition site, the video documentary on the exhibition site tells the historical origin, cultural tradition and the height of art aesthetics behind the embroidered shoes in the form of images. It is understood that in order to in-depth and rigorous show Chinese embroidery shoe culture connotation, team visited Beijing, Shandong, Chengdu, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places, and learn from museums, cultural scholars, private collectors, collected a large number of firsthand material, comb system for thousands of years of embroidering shoe history literature historical and literature books of poetry and prose from culture, history, art, aesthetic, intangible skill inheritance, such as Angle, show a vivid, three-dimensional Chinese, tell the story of good Chinese embroidery shoe culture. The exhibition has been well received by French culture, media and art circles. During the exhibition, tens of thousands of parisians and tourists from all over the world visited the embroidery shoes exhibition on site, and felt the Chinese cultural tradition lasting for thousands of years up close and immersed in the cultural atmosphere created by the documentary. The official website of the Paris municipal government gave the exhibition five stars' praise, and French local media published and reported on key pages, covering more than 50 million people.


The exhibition of ancient Chinese embroidered shoes in Paris is a big step forward for Chinese culture, but there is still a long way to go to tap the wisdom of traditional culture, push Chinese culture to go abroad, and let the rain and dew of culture infiltrate the heart with "moistening things silently". According to Chinese folklore experts, traditional embroidery shoes are the epitome of the development of Chinese traditional culture. Folk traditional craft is the folk art of the masses, and it is the dual carrier of economy and culture. The Chinese people need to improve the cultural quality of the Chinese nation, fully develop the traditional cultural resources of the Chinese nation, bring the people of the world a better experience of traditional Chinese culture, and promote the development of multi-culture in the world.


I hope the traditional Chinese culture can be better inherited and developed, and become international, so that the people of the world can feel the enthusiasm of the traditional Chinese culture.

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