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Evolution of work boots

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Evolution of work boots



Alleged work boot, basically be the shoe that we need to wear in the job, because have a lot of unit business, pair of dress, shoe is to wait have certain requirement. For example a few counter personnel, they also need beautiful and durable the professional shoe that wear likewise will undertake normal job, look unified not only, beautiful and easy, and still can more effective undertake certain protection to foot ministry. Since standing up for a certain amount of time is possible every day, being able to choose a comfortable pair of professional shoes is an essential part. No matter what kind of shoes, we want to use it to solve our needs, our feet for some protection.


Long ago, the material is durable and security concept is to thick and heavy, toughening for choice, the American west coast shoe factory production of a work boots if WESCO, wear it while smashing resistance, compressive strength, resistance to burn, but a pair of shoes almost 2 kg weight, plus like armour layer upon layer of leather and metal, eight hours a day of labor under the feet is still very heavy load.


Work boots several essential elements, which is durable and strong absolute is the primary condition. If a blue-collar worker feet hurt will not work, is equal to the whole family face no income, so although work boots is expensive, many construction sites in Europe and the us is still required equipment must be worn. But today, "Heavy Duty" definition from a century ago is a lumberjack (only compressive resistance to abrasion) - now extends to the high altitude and high voltage electrical construction site (for lightweight, electrical insulation) in more detail to the requirement of equipment, more special.


Timber was one of the most abundant resources on the west coast of the United States in the 19th century, when the population moved westward and demand for logs skyrocketed, leading to a lot of surrounding demand, such as C.C. Filson's waxed canvas jackets, Danner, WESCO, and White's work boots designed for logging.


Used for shoemaking technology is not yet mature, also because work boots need not too exquisite, older lots of work boots head shape is quite flat, not by the Red wings now, WESCO shapes such as shoes head round the full image work boots. Now common to see the shoe style restoring ancient ways round and cock Toe is 30 s coping and popularize the product of war and the industrial construction, and Steel Toe prototypes.


Steel toe in the 90 s before indeed is embedded with a metal, mostly because the carbon content is higher, but iron is easy to rust, hardness is low, gradually replaced by steel. The steel head shoes are still not overcome the heavy weight of this fatal weakness, until someone started using glass fiber, carbon fiber, or military nylon synthetic materials such as to try to replace metal, work boots to the development of a breakthrough in terms of weight. Although synthetic materials in terms of hardness or slightly less than steel, but in terms of weight and durability than metal, And also provides insulation this vital quality, so quickly in the industry.


The processing procedure of synthetic materials is complex, and every different shoe type must be made by using new mold according to the construction of shoe type and last, so the shoe price of shoe head reinforcement and arch support using synthetic materials is more expensive than that of general metal steel shoes.


In Europe and the United States, many high-risk work places are required by the government to wear a specific configuration of shoes to work.


What has happened to leather, a material as old as man, in the trend of metal being replaced? Heavy metals are used in the tanning of leather for softening and colouring. In modern times when the earth's metabolism is nearly saturated, improved options from the tanning of leather, such as the popular tanning of plants or plants with chrome tanning, etc. Paradoxically, mankind's obsession with leather has not seen much of a decline, but a rise.


The result is so-called coated leather, which allows the fabric to retain the softness and unpredictability of organic matter while the outer layer has the bright color of the synthetic material and resistance to moisture and dirt.


Coating leather is compared because color lacks expression change, cannot satisfy general consumer to leather product expectation.This is also why it is rarely seen in vintage or formal wear. However, in outdoor activities, leather coating provides excellent waterproofing and unique toughness of the leather, so it can be seen in a wide range of equipment.


Avant-garde designers were especially good at playing with natural and artificial elements of strong conflict in leather painting, and they could make the products have beautiful handmade lines as well as a cool and solemn sense of mystery.


Division of very fine modern economic activities, people wear shoes is in order to more beautiful, again is the need to choose to work or life need shoe. Explain the design of the past with modern materials, and enjoy the fun brought by the tradition and innovation combined with, if have coating leather in 1920, perhaps in North America, there is no any wild forests now, become human again, the use of science and technology of the natural ecological bullying. Grateful to save the old traditional and use all kinds of new things, is what we along with the evolution of times, continuous research and development, the significance of the integration of old and new possibilities.

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