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How important good combat boots are

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How important good combat boots are

-The type 17 combat boots have undoubtedly reached the world advanced level in terms of comfort and durability, and also represent the highest level of similar standard equipment in China


As one of the symbolic equipment of modern soldiers, combat boots are famous for their superior protection ability and powerful appearance. However, compared with traditional military powers such as the United States and Russia, China in the field of combat boots but once in a weak state, during this time with the people's liberation army soldiers is more humble very, first pair of type 97 combat boots have functioned is only the past 22 years, and it is the Chinese combat boot the whole development process, but even so, China's military industry still has the world's advanced level through continuous improvements made 17 combat boots, and completely change the look of once the backward.


Of course, when talking about Chinese combat boots, we have to mention the classic "Panama" bush boots of the us military. Born in Vietnam war, it pioneered the use of flame retardant and breathable canvas as the upper material of boots, and installed the structure of anti-thorn layer on the soles. Compared with traditional all-leather military boots, it has a revolutionary progress in air permeability and protection. Performance to prove "Panama" jungle warfare in actual combat boots is a very successful design, so that at the end of the Vietnam war more than a decade after the gulf war, the modified "Panama" desert combat boots again American soldiers battle footwear, and in service until the end of the war in Iraq after be replaced by a new generation of DST combat boots.


It is no exaggeration to say that America's "panama" jungle boots spawned in the very great degree of China's first generation of combat boots: in 1993, in order to make up the gap in the fields of troops in combat boots, with "war training combined, give priority to in order to fight" for the concept of research and development of the first domestic and combat boots, and finalize the design the armed forces in 97 - this is the "staple" type 97 combat boots, its appearance is similar to "Panama" jungle boots height, to the improvement of some parts, more suitable for Asians foot type.


Obviously, the type 97 was a significant change from decades when China had no combat boots. However, there are still a lot of limitations behind it: due to the immature manufacturing technology and the high cost of the boots, the type 97 combat boots were only equipped for the garrison troops and some special forces, but did not complete a large-scale transformation. After this, in order to meet the requirements of the officers and soldiers for the new generation of combat boots, the original general army has developed a version of type 97, namely type 03 combat boots. Its biggest feature is the use of a shortened 6-inch canvas boot upper and 5 pairs of metal quick buckles, which greatly improves the convenience of wearing and taking off the boots.


On the whole, however, the type 03 still basically adopts the design of type 97 combat boots, including the glue-and-seam outsole stitching technology, etc. In particular, the same single-density rubber outsole still causes the weight of type 03 combat boots to exceed 1.5 kg, which limits the battlefield flexibility of soldiers to some extent. Despite the technical problems, the biggest regret of the type 03 combat boot is that it still hasn't been able to achieve the same large-scale distribution as its predecessor, the type 97.


In fact, let the Chinese army to achieve real "hands on a pair of combat boots" is the successor of 03 type, which is now 07 type combat boots: compared with the predecessors' 03 type, the progress of the 07 type combat boots in tongue joined the nylon padding to improve comfort, and pioneering the use of the dual density moulded soles, namely the outsole for the natural rubber and neoprene, the bottom is high elastic layers of foam rubber. This clever design not only makes the boots successfully drop to 1.4kg, but also increases the cushioning, so that the traditional combat boots "heavy and hard" problems have been improved to some extent. What's more, as a pair of anti-smash, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-puncture and high wear-resistant "all-round combat boots", the manufacturing cost of type 07 is only 80 yuan, which is equivalent to a pair of ordinary Chinese sneakers.


The 07 type combat boots after issue soon obtained the general officers and soldiers' consistent high praise, they praised its "style is concise and grave, further improved our army's mighty division image", and sturdy and durable, no matter in the thorn jungle or plateau mountain can provide the soldiers' feet with reliable protection.


However, considering its consumable nature, the original type 07 combat boots still belong to the "bottom of the box" equipment. But fortunately, with the constant improvement of the strength of military training, the frequency of the soldiers wearing combat boots from the original "wear a few times a year" development to today's "almost every day wear", while the 07 type is accord with the real itself "consumables" identity, it with standard has also been increased to "send a pair of" one year, so almost completely replaced the combat shoes become the standard of the soldiers.


Along with the increase in the frequency of seemingly "perfect" 07 type combat boots are exposed some disadvantages, the biggest problem is "stuffy feet, heavy and hard wearing feeling - of course, this also is the world almost all formats basic boots, after all, in order to meet the military purposes as the primary goal of combat boots tend to be more hard to lay particular stress on, high protection, high wear-resisting material, is directly responsible for its comfort than sneakers.


In 2015, the original up Jun Xu Suo developed a new generation of combat boots 07 type issued by armed police and a part of the second artillery force, which to some extent can be classified as perfect version of 07 type, but in many places has violated the original design concept: first of all, 07 a completely abandoned the original "panama" design style, to become more "motion wind", not only adopted the boots with radian design, also the boots with the bottom adds additional buffer layer and the corresponding elastic sponge insole, makes the boots won the "trample shit feeling", similar to the trainers will undoubtedly would achieve more than 7 in terms of comfort.


But on the other hand, in order to reduce weight and reduce the cost of consideration, 07A used artificial leather instead of the waterproof cowhide used before, resulting in a decline in the durability of the boots, 07A combat boots sweat absorption capacity also became extremely bad, stuffy foot degree even more than the previous 07.Combined with the use of sponge boots, the 07A solves the problem of "stuck neck" of the type 07, but it also loses the flame retardant ability of the latter. More importantly, the new type of rubber used by 07A outsole is not wear-resistant, which further reduces the overall service life.


Similar to 07A, the newest generation of armed police combat boots type 16 in service life is more "give up treatment" model, in addition to the outsole is not wear-resistant, boot molding technology also from the original mold injection into glue cold stick. As a result, the combat boots are thoroughly "consumable" in design and have received a relatively modest reputation after their release. In this way, neither type 07A nor type 16 is qualified for the status of military boots, so should the Chinese army stick to the type 07 for 100 years?


Of course not, at the end of 2017, a new combat boot image information on the Internet caused widespread concern, 8 inch boots to help design, it adopted the type here is different from any previous a active combat boots, and this is 07 type is the successor of 17 type combat boots: compared with the previous product, the biggest progress in 17 type combat boots adopted foamed polyurethane soles, although the traditional rubber soles in abrasion resistance has declined, but in the aspect of skid resistance and buffer performance is much superior to, and has a lower weight.


Combined with lightweight, waterproof leather, the type 17 combat boot weighs an incredible 1.2kg, the equivalent of a pair of regular basketball shoes. And in terms of comfort, thanks to the use of the new high-tech lining, the type 17 is far better at breathability than any previous home-made combat boot. What is more worth mentioning is that, in order to further improve the protection ability of the soldier's ankle, the type 17 combat boots are specially designed with ankle protection and shock absorption components in the corresponding parts, which is humanized design that other predecessors did not have.


Combined with the use of these advanced technologies, the type 17 combat boots undoubtedly reached the world advanced level in terms of comfort and durability, and also represented the highest level of similar standard equipment in China. Earlier, it was reported that the mass production of type 17 combat boots was officially started in July 2018. The first batch of 100,000 pairs has been sent to the storehouse of grassroots troops, and the remaining 1 million pairs were basically finished before the end of the year.

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