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Introduction to snow boots

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Introduction to snow boots

- There are thousands of things you can learn about snow boots


snUgg boots, originating in Australia, originally called Ugly boots, Australians with two pieces of sheepskin shoes on my feet warm, then gradually popular in Australia, is the first world war I in Australia, Australian pilots with two pieces of sheepskin into shoes on my feet warm, then gradually popular in Australia. Snow boots are legendary. Add in Hollywood stars and the world has gone snowshoe crazy. The cartoon appearance that looks stupid is popular however Eurasia land, blow in the whole world a burst of popularity wind. Once you put it on, you don't want to take it off. You're fascinated by its originality, trustworthiness and super-luxurious comfort. Whether it's a classic anti-wool snowshoe that feels like silk, or a comfortable, stylish spring and summer sandal that surprises everyone, it's a trend item for every season.


The sheepskin boots from 1910 became popular among the shearing, from sheep shearing people off a small piece of skin, after pruning, enveloped their feet, they call this kind of shoes ugly boots, during the second world war, the Australian pilots with two pieces of sheepskin into shoes on my feet warm, then gradually popular in Australia. The air force first discovered the Ugly Boots, which had a round head on the outside and wool on the inside. The person that had flown an airplane knows, pilot flies high altitude, half a day foot is motionless, feel cold most easily, so, the boots of air force admittedly need to have thermal insulation effect most, so, snowmobile boot is designated by Australian air force make special military boots, once it is called FUGG, namely Flying Ugly boots.


Natural leather has better properties than other materials. Its characteristic is: natural leather place actor bad difference is very big. Because the skin in the animal parts of the function is different, the formation, development is also different, made leather after the various parts of the fiber structure, density, tear resistance, tensile strength are different. In particular, the feeling, hand extension, flexion resistance and processing properties are different. The fiber structure of the site has directivity. Each piece of leather has a different direction. When the leather is subjected to tensile action, the elongation of different parts is different, some different stress rate, its elongation is also different, and the difference is very big. Air permeability. This feature allows the wearer's sweat to escape out of the cavity, making the wearer comfortable. Good heat and cold resistance. Leather is soft, tough, elastic and flexible. Adapt to human physiological needs. Beautiful, and easy to modify, modeling performance.


In terms of price. Due to the high cost of the raw materials, the boots are made in Australia. The whole piece of kid skin is made of Australian wool, and the sole has a special construction. Fur body sheepskin boots even by snow boots production factory price will not be one or two hundred, this point please remember, the price of choice leather boots than fur body slightly cheaper, but also will not be less than 200, because leather and Australian wool are very expensive material. Those "bargain prices" came back with shoddy boots, not ones from Australia.


From the perspective of color, the genuine snowshoes are in the right color. The color on the official website of snowshoes is subject to and the color of the inside is the same as that of the outside. In terms of the shape of the shoe. The touch of the surface is also quite delicate and soft, and the shoe shape is delicate and delicate. The inside of the pile is very neat, uniform length of density, feel very soft and comfortable, very comfortable to wear barefoot. The important thing is that it will feel light and weightless. It's quite warm. Shoes inside and outside neat, smooth, no shrinkage deformation.


How to identifyNow on the market with different materials such as chemical fiber, wool, wool Ugg boots, with pure wool Ugg boots to pick the most exquisite, there are many inferior or counterfeit products flooding the market, so when the choose and buy wool ugg boots, Ugg boots four ways to choose the pure wool, can see, touch, smell, burning to distinguish.


First, carefully observe the wool color, high-quality wool snow boots using foreign high-quality environmental protection dyes and additives, the use of advanced technology and process, wool luster bright, vivid color, soft; Inferior goods are dark color, easy to fade, string color; If the snow boots are made of different colors, please pay attention to whether there is color difference in the same color. Cut snow boots, suede flatness, density should be paid special attention to.


Second, gently stroke the wool surface with your hand. The high-quality wool snow boots are strictly selected with good density. And inferior feel is coarse, sticky acerbity. This is because the high-quality wool snow boots are made of high-quality Australian lamb skin, which has a short growing period, well-preserved wool scales, fine fur fiber, uniform density and elasticity. Separate the hair by hand to see if there are fur cracks, leather patches are firm, there is no obvious seam. Use your hand to gently pull out the fur. The leather board strength of high-quality wool snow boots is very big, especially Australian wool, its break load is rabbit skin double, not easy to drop hair, also won't let broken hair stick on the clothes. 


Third, take a close smell of the product, high-quality wool using imported tanning agent and advanced processing technology, and before the factory sterilization, can prevent mites, bacteria breeding, and no peculiar smell; And inferior wool because grease purify is not clean, can send out unpleasant smell of smell. Wool snow boots after a period of time, only with a special comb gently comb the fur, can be restored to the original state. If there is a slight stain, use a clean towel dipped in volatile dry lotion gently wipe and dry.  If besmirch is too big, must send professional store to clean. When not in use in hot weather, wool snow boots must be kept in a ventilated and dry place, not long-term folding and heavy weight. If using mothproofing agent, do not touch the fur directly. In addition, before the collection must be in a ventilated place air, do not insolate. 


Finally, wool products, along the edge of the wool snow boots, gently pull out a trace of fine hair, take off a bit of thread, lit with fire, pure wool will first curl, smoke, yellow flame, have the smell of hair burning, leaving a black brown gray block, with a finger pressure into fine powder; The fake wool is burnt into a hard cinder, not easy to break, and no smell of hair. When burning, while the smoke blistered side burning, accompanied by the smell of hair burning, ash, shiny black will be brittle block. Acrylic fiber products, when burning, while melting slowly burning, the flame was white, bright and powerful, a little black smoke, fishy smell, gray for white ball, brittle and fragile. Nylon products, while melting and slowly burning, burning a little white smoke, flame small blue, celery fragrance, jay for light brown hard, not easy to break.

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