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Lady's combat boots made in England

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Lady's combat boots made in England

   British soldiers wear corpse shoes, the British ministry of defence made combat boots

In the New Year of 2008, 18,000 women in the British royal army are about to wear new boots that will be beautiful and comfortable. This is the British army according to the characteristics of the British female soldiers, specially tailored for them a batch of female combat boots. For a long time, the status of British women soldiers was not high. They did not even have women's combat boots. They had to wear military boots designed for men for a long time to carry out various military missions. 


Britain has signed an order of more than 1 million pounds to manufacture boots for female soldiers to improve their treatment and attract young women to join the military, British news reported. The boots are lighter and softer than the men's boots of the past, and perfectly suited for desert operations.


The boots are said to be worth about 1,500 yuan per pair and can withstand temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius.British military experts say lova is the only company in the UK that can produce women's boots for combat missions.


For a long time, British women soldiers have suffered a lot in their military life and were not satisfied with their welfare. A typical example is that they did not have their own combat boots for a long time, and they could only wear military boots designed and made according to the physical characteristics of male soldiers. Such boots are very uncomfortable for women with relatively small feet, and many women have blisters on their feet. The new women's boots have a slightly narrower heel than men's boots, and are available in several styles to satisfy the aesthetic needs of women soldiers.


By improving the treatment of women, British men will also be able to wear the latest, more comfortable boots. However, the men's boots cost 10 more than the women's.


The soldier took off his boots and put them on


The problem of combat boots has been plaguing the British army. Some women wear thick socks, some stick sticking plaster and some stuff cotton into their boots to keep their hard boots from fraying. Men use their own money to buy suitable boots to wear.


In February 2007, prince harry bought himself at least 10 pieces of equipment, including three pairs of military boots, following his deployment to Iraq. He bought three pairs of military boots: mountain boots, waterproof boots for jungle operations and military boots for desert operations. Like prince harry, many British soldiers in Iraq have paid for boots out of their own pockets. Because British military boots melt in the hot sun.


When the Iraq war broke out, a major supplier of boots to the royal navy went bankrupt, leaving many sailors without new boots. In Iraq, many British soldiers even removed their boots from the bodies of Iraqi soldiers after their boots were worn out.


Better pay to attract women into the military

Tests have reportedly shown that women are completely capable of taking the lead and perform as well as men in brutal combat. The article said that the British army had secretly conducted a test in the welsh mountains and sent several mixed and male platoons to complete the same combat task. The results showed that although some female soldiers appeared to be weak in the war, the mixed platoon still completed the task quite beautifully, with the same level and performance as the male platoon. Senior mod officials added that women have proved superior to men in some areas, such as computer technology and communications systems.


Analysts said the move to create boots for women was part of a campaign to increase the army's appeal to young women and address a growing shortage of soldiers.


According to analysts, the British military has long been plagued by complaints from female soldiers, and the ministry of defence has also increased benefits for women soldiers in recent years. The mod admitted earlier that military hospitals carry out breast implants for an average of 12 female soldiers a year. Free liposuction and bariatric surgery will be offered to 10 women. In addition, designers at the ministry of defence have previously created a range of bulletproof breast prints and bulletproof women's shorts to provide "full protective clothing" for female soldiers. The designers say women in the new gear will feel safe enough. British media reported that the ministry of defence is doing this to make British women happy in the army.


In view of this, Britain has made great determination to improve the treatment of female soldiers, bringing them more comfortable conditions than before and facilitating their training and mission operations. In the future, many women should consider joining the British female army.


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