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New armed police fighting boots

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New armed police fighting boots


A new set of combat boots purportedly part of the armed police force's bidding campaign have been unveiled online. Unlike the Chinese fighting boots, which previously featured a black tone, the boots use camouflage nylon with a cool anti-fur finish. Although no internal information has been released, we can generally judge the characteristics of the fighting boots by their appearance.


However, before evaluating this product, we also need to understand the characteristics of a successful fighting boot. It is well known that military boots are one of the most basic equipment of modern soldiers. Whether in the field of battle, or daily exercise, a pair of fighting boots with good air permeability, full wrapping and strong shock absorption ability are a must, not only can relieve the fatigue of soldiers' feet, but also can provide effective protection from sharp stones and other foreign bodies piercing the sole injury and feet. To achieve these characteristics, fighting boots themselves must be made of the right materials.


In order to improve the ability to protect foreign bodies, the main body of boots is usually made of cow hair, which has the characteristics of strong toughness and abrasion resistance, and can better protect soldiers' feet from being injured by foreign bodies such as gravel in the movement. And full leather boots often also has a not small disadvantage, that is, permeability is not good, for example the United States old style paratrooper boots use full cow skin design, although gave the soldier stronger foot protection force, but permeability is very bad easy to appear the condition of stuffy foot, not conducive to the soldier combat and physical and mental health.


So with American DST, China 07 type represented by the modern boots are usually use "leather + nylon fabric surface" design, this pair of new fighting boots also use this structure, such as shoe last shoe body outer contact foreign body parts are most easily choose the suede leather material, while in other parts of the switch to nylon fabric surface, thus permeability and the guarantee of protection can be more balanced.


However, in the long distance training of soldiers, the most likely problem is foot fatigue, which has a very negative effect on soldiers' rush combat. To mitigate this effect to the greatest extent, fighting boots should be equipped with a middle base with good cushioning. It is not difficult to see that the middle sole of this new fighting boot is very thick in all Chinese military boots, but we cannot know the specific material type of the middle sole, so we can only infer that a lot of efforts should have been made to buffer it.


Of course, there is another area that seems to be the most insignificant, but often can determine the adaptability of fighting boots in a variety of terrain, that is the outsole. As the part of the shoe direct contact with the ground, the sole every moment have to withstand tremendous friction work, so not only have the grip size difference, also triggers the abrasion resistance of differ in thousands ways, grip and abrasion resistance will have obvious difference between different materials, and now the most advanced fighting boots use Italy from Vibram rubber as sole material, can not only in the most wild terrain has a strong grip, and wear resistance of all the material is on the top level.


New combat boots shoes tongue marked 3157, that is produced by 3157 international China factory, the author found that the factory main business through access to information is a professional production of rubber products, so can infer its use is the kind of rubber sole domestic rubber shoes, cement road surface in the city have a good grip, also happens to correspond to the armed police is main task with urban combat operational functions.


It is not hard to see that these new combat boots are a pair of protective and breathable new military shoes that are specialized in urban commuting, and the technical content should be no less than the active fighting boots. And next, also might as well let us know armed police soldiers usually wear what.


It is reported that the armed police allow soldiers to purchase part of the equipment, fighting boots is one. In the picture, it is not difficult to see that this group of armed police soldiers are wearing various types of fighting boots. Although it shows that the armed police force is relatively tolerant of this behavior, but from the aspects of uniform or slightly confused.


Compare below, the choice of armed police special warfare member people is more, besides each model homebred combat boots, they still can choose and buy the advanced product of foreign brand. At the warriors, for example, the falcons wore British Magnum boots, and their light weight and grip helped them win several events.


It can be said that the design of many foreign fighting boots is also what China's fighting boots manufacturing industry needs to learn from, and what they are doing now is to innovate, so that the quality of products always follow the world's advanced level of development, for the soldiers' feet to bring more safe and reliable experience.

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