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Old shoes

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How can the shoes for the elderly win a place in the fiercely competitive shoes market for the elderly?


The rise of entrepreneurial agitation, injected new power for the economic market, especially the new generation of entrepreneurs to more innovative business philosophy, constantly seeking new breakthrough in the traditional market, and constantly stimulate the enterprises to carry out more of the relative historic can adapt to the reform of the present era, the whole economic level of domestic under this situation also achieved faster development. To inject new impetus into this era, in short, to emerge in the international market in innovative ways so that entrepreneurship can succeed.


图片1Recently, Chinese shoes and clothing market emerged a brand worthy of entrepreneurs to choose, by virtue of its unique advantages continue to impact the elderly shoes market, causing a big stir in the industry. This product -- Chinese young and middle-aged health shoes expert. As we all know, the shoes market for the elderly develops rapidly at present, with many professional shoes for the elderly emerging in just two or three years, and the competitiveness of the industry rising rapidly. How can the shoes for the elderly win a place in the fiercely competitive shoes market for the elderly?


Grasp the trend of The Times and actively embrace the market

Modern marketing thought, market size = population size, purchasing power and purchasing desire, the old man shoes market is itself is still in the stage of rapid expansion of the size of the market: first, the domestic elderly population has nearly three hundred million, according to the China working committee office on aging predicts that by 2030, China will usher in the ageing peak, means that the elderly population will continue to grow, and that hundreds of millions of consumers are not high degree of attention, the old man shoes market is still at the stage of without the depth development. In addition, the improvement of living standards in the old people's consumption level leapfrog upgrade, purchasing power increased year by year, the consumption demand also gradually tend to enjoy high quality, thus it can be seen, hundreds of millions of population size, increasing purchasing power and purchasing desire, has formed a huge market scale, foreground is very considerable.


A foothold in the shoe market, standing at the top of the pyramid

Old man shoes caused the competition heats up with the rapid development of the situation, a lot of the old shoes product homogeneity serious, no prominent selling point and the differentiation advantage, it to a lot of want to join the old shoes to entrepreneurs is a problem, how to choose a more development potential of the old shoes brand are these entrepreneurs have a headache. In order to actively respond to market changes, make scientific brand strategic planning before officially entering the elderly shoes market: First launched innovative Laos young healthy shoes new category, unique product attributes in the homogeneity serious old shoes market formed a strong advantage, broke the old man's shoes market of product homogeneity, win customers with differentiation, moreover, deepen service system, the current main old shoes product brands have no special attention on the service system, however, today's consumers are increasingly pay attention to consumer experience, and especially introduce more can meet the demand of the elderly mental service system, both in the purchase process and after-sale products, can provide customers with unique intimate services, Then increase customer loyalty, lock consumers, trigger consumers' desire to buy again, and ensure continuous consumption flow. In conclusion, through innovation of product categories, deepening of service system and screen dominating communication, we will create the brand strategy trend with unique differentiation advantages and stand at the top of pyramid with strong influence.


Quality control of independent innovation

Traditional footwear did not specifically for the old shoes category, choice is narrow in older people, there is no solution to the old man to wear shoes, it is difficult in the face of the industry's problems, in-depth study of China, founder of the old man needs to wear shoes, concurrently hold the position of chief product officer personally, from material selection to design, from technology to research and development will be involved again, for the product every detail with an obsessive type control, such as water skid, slippery on the ice, the r&d team in order to obtain the highest standard antiskid material, founder personally to negotiate cooperation with Michelin, Italy, from Italy, just four times a yearIn order to seek the best quality raw materials, make the best quality shoes for the elderly epitome. Undoubtedly, the research and development and cost test is how to balance the development between short-term interests and long-term strategy. It is necessary to integrate global high-quality resources, maximize production efficiency and reduce production cost, so as to control product quality with high autonomy and achieve the balance of "innovation and efficiency".


Combined with the status quo of shoes clothing market, forecasts the future shoes clothing market, innovative the launch of the new marketing management mode is more suitable for the old man shoes market, on the one hand, in view of the product marketing, on the one hand, in view of the store management across the north and south, ensure orderly circulation should not only make products, but also with the joining trader mutual benefit and achieve win-win situation.


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