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Russians love long combat boots?

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-A staple of the Russian army, foot-binding and long boots, every new recruit had to learn how to use them and train in heavy boots. To serve in various units at a later date, Boots will be retained by paratroopers, special forces, and ordinary troops.



An article in a Russian newspaper describes the individual equipment of Russian soldiers. In this respect, Russians are both new and old. Some of the special forces soldiers were photographed in a "battle of the sexes", wearing the latest gear. Many soldiers still keep their old combat boots and foot-bands. The Russian author commented that this seemed "not so different from the predecessors of the great patriotic war".



The short combat boots were heavily armed in the Russian army, but they never replaced the long ones


When it comes to Russian soldiers, perhaps the image we get is of roughness. But in the most impressive part of these impressions, long army combat boots and foot-binding are indispensable. Russian soldiers, for example, are perhaps the most common in the many photographs and films of their wars in defense of the country: they wear coarse, brown or earthen coats, heavy cotton hats, broad belts around their waists, and a bobosa submachine gun with a 71-round drum. Behind him was a flimsy canvas bag and combat boots. They hobbled through the snow, Shouting, and finally broke the enemy's position like a raging torrent


As of today, many Russian troops have both short and long combat boots


But since world war ii, boots have been abandoned by armies of more and more countries. American and British troops, in particular, except for ceremonial occasions and some senior officers, were mostly field boots, looking very smart. The Russians were not only in world war ii, but even in the era of confrontation that followed, the Russian military era after the 1990s, and even today, the boots are still the standard piece of equipment for individual soldiers.


The Russian army had long planned to abolish boots and foot-binding, but had not been able to do so because the soldiers did not want them. At present, there is such a situation in the Russian army, the summer of the Russian army to ankle boots mainly, once the arrival of winter, the Russian army and the whole line change combat boots. So why do the Russians love long boots so much? Mainly because of the following reasons.


Using foot-binding: these Russian soldiers first had to learn the skills of their predecessors


For soldiers, the disadvantage of the combat boots is obvious: they are too heavy. To this day, with the exception of Russia and some former Allies, the military in most countries has only a guard of honor that retains similar shoes or is worn as part of a ceremonial dress for special formal occasions. But the Russians love their combat boots. The first is that the Russian weather is so cold that the combat boots, though heavy, are hard to give up. Second, the extreme cold is accompanied by endless mud: Russia and eastern Europe have special natural conditions and inadequate infrastructure. In the face of the sea of mud, combat boots can not replace the role of ankle combat boots may be light, but in the face of harsh terrain may fall off the chain.


The cold and mud prevented the Russian soldiers from giving up their combat boots

Before the 1990s, the Russians had produced vast quantities of military equipment in preparation for all-out war, including perhaps tens of millions of pairs of combat boots. You can't get rid of these things, can you? This is especially true when funding is inadequate. Foot-binding is actually a good partner for military combat boots. Because with regular socks, your feet can blister in your combat boots before long. For every generation of Russian soldiers, for decades or even centuries, the stench of combat boots and foot-binding is an indelible memory of their barracks at recess. But for the Russian military, these two things are local treasures that they can't get rid of.

In Soviet times, high boots belonged to the state monopoly materials, with designated enterprises responsible for production. There was no shortage of sales, and the Soviet union was ready for war. When Russia became independent in 1991, the Russian army inherited perhaps tens of thousands of boots. Boots for the Russian army, in fact, is not only a piece of equipment, although the collocation of foot-binding + boots will bring a very strong foot smell, but also become the unique mark of the Russian army, outsiders do not understand, so will only criticize the harm of boots, but really want to cancel, the Russian army is not willing to give up.

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