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Simple but not simple – BATES boots

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-BATES, a century-old American brand, is one of America's biggest boot-makers


"Game of the brave: battle of the jungle" is a hardcore movie starring Johnson, who runs wild in the jungle and climbs mountains, leaving a deep impression on the audience. Especially the bright American army boots, which were mixed with American army trousers in the video, made Johnson and his teammates look fresh and hard.


Military boots may not be out of date because the hard image of the military has a special feeling for everyone. This also affects a lot of our aesthetic aspects, for example, in the wardrobe, there are always camouflage elements of clothing, or a pair of military boots with a unique aura. A versatile military boot is even more powerful when you dress up. With broken, narrow leg jeans unexpected match, as long as the trouser leg into a boot, not only concave show figure, the kind of cool image sense also lets a person be fascinated.


If there's a brand of tactical boots, it's BATES.BATES, founded in 1885, has always been committed to breakthroughs and innovations in shoemaking technology. Its designs are practical, fashionable, comfortable and breathable. For a hundred years, BATES has been growing and developing, and its shoemaking technology has continuously made great progress, obtaining more than 20 revolutionary technical patents. With its market-leading technology and innovative footwear solutions for the military and public safety sectors, BATES has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of uniform shoes. To date, it has developed into the world's leading footwear manufacturer for law enforcement personnel worldwide, and is a major supplier of uniform shoes for the U.S. department of defense and the U.S. military.


More than one million pairs of shoes are sold to the U.S. military every year. So when you see American soldiers in a movie like black hawk down or on the TV news, they're basically wearing BATES boots. The match color of earthy gray, add the dress of camouflage, the heroic posture of battle field of a whole military outfit, show military grace completely.


As a piece of military equipment, BATES boots are exacting in every detail, which guarantees the quality of each pair of BATES shoes. The original intention is for battlefield use, so BATES hand-crafted each pair of combat boots with the world's best materials, world-class professional soles, more than a dozen patented technologies and world-leading foot comfort systems.


BATES is based on the concept of consumers, and it has a special market research department for consumers. The samples made by combining with the research data will be put into production after being tested and qualified by targeted consumers. Military boots are available in a variety of models for different people to choose from. Some specifically target the U.S. military, some specifically target the police, and some specifically target outdoor sports. All models have simple and practical design, with appropriate cutting and strong seam, not too wide or too tight, can cope with the possibility of severe operation and general cleaning, still has enough durability.


BATES boots are the first choice of American soldiers because they are strong. The leather used in the boots is imported head coat, full grain leather, or strong nylon, resistant to wear and wrinkles, and the style is basically the classic desert boot shape. The head of the shoe has a strong anti-impact function, the wear resistant PU design, to prevent the toe from close contact with hard objects, so that you can walk outdoors more safely and comfortably. And the exterior material of military boot and lining have good waterproof, assure waterproof at the same time can eliminate moisture inside the shoe. This is very reliable for troops fighting in the field and friends who like outdoor sports.


Second, BATES has a little secret in the sole of his shoe. Its sole used wear-resistant antiskid rubber outsole, using multiple shock absorption design, namely wear-resistant and shock absorption, even in violent activities can also play a role in safety protection, let you enjoy a more comfortable and safe outdoor life. In addition, the wear-resistant heel is specially reinforced to strengthen the foot support to prevent sprains in high-strength sports.


Sole in addition to special shock absorption characteristics, its anti-skid ability and strong grip is also quite well. It is matched with a unique anti-skid design, sole pattern curved groove design to increase the ability to grasp the ground, excellent radian design to increase the contact with the ground, even in the slippery wetland surface also has a good anti-skid, so in each environment can be comfortable to wear.


The insoles are lightweight, super soft and resilient, with special breathability, deodorization and sweat absorption, promoting microcirculation, relieving foot pain, enhancing cell vitality, and helping to maintain vigorous energy and dry feet.


Military operations tend to focus on the word "fast", so military equipment is generally faster to wear. The BATES boots are designed with a special fast lacing system that ensures they don't slip and an extended fabric at the top of the tongue to make travel easier.


When you're outdoors, your feet sweat easily, so the breathability of a pair of shoes is crucial. In order to avoid the embarrassment of smelly feet, BATES boots are specially designed with a double-hole or multi-hole breathable system on the shoes, which makes it easier for the wearer to sweat, breathe and wear comfortably.

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