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Some famous brands of snow boots

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Some famous brands of snow boots

- Whatever is comfortable for your feet is best for you


UGG Australia, after all, is the first company to enter China. It has high popularity, high positioning and high price, but it has beautiful style, many cooperative styles and good quality. However, most people who buy UGG Australia go for its beauty.


JUMBOUGG is one of Australia's top UGG boots makers and is known locally, but not as well as UGG. JUMBOUGG's snow boots are hand-crafted from the highest grade A grade merino two-sided lamb skin ever made. Compared to other brands, JUMBOUGG boots tend to be thin, and while the look is not new or unusual, there are some small designs, low-key and simple, and in addition to the basic earth color, there are also some relatively bright colors, such as berry red, light blue and purple. In addition, tanning process is environmental protection technology. 


EVERUGG is an Australian brand of fur and snow boots, all of which are made of Australian high-quality grade A sheep skin. It is commendable that the sole of EVERUGG is made of EVA and TPR double soles, which are firm and durable. Sole set before and after hole technically, can consolidate shoe tipple and heel place already, can let shoe again light. In addition, to prevent the wear of the fur inside the shoe, ever has specially designed a replaceable insole, which is very practical and reasonable. In addition, EVERUGG always designs wool looks, such as hot heart boots, rabbit boots, fur boots, etc., which are very girly and lively. 


snowEMUGG is an old brand of snow boots in Australia. EMUGG doesn't just have sheepskin boots, but beanie shoes. Headquartered in Geelong, it is the best wool growing area in the world. Waterproof, simple foundation for adult style, exclusive double-layer EVA mat, thick cushion feeling is particularly comfortable.


OZLANA is a very young Australian brand, mainly focusing on women's fur coats and snowmobile boots. Compared with traditional snowmobile brands, OZLANA values fashion more, with avant-garde and bold as its biggest feature. Snow shoes are made of high-quality merino wool provided by Australian customers. They are the most skillful in stitching materials, such as tweed, denim five-pointed star stitched wool leather, pearl buckle and rabbit style, which are very novel and feminine. The key is that they are equipped with waterproof design, which saves the trouble of nursing.


Shepherd's Life is a high-end brand of fashionable Australian snow boots with a strong sense of design. Such as rivet crack, metal snake belt buckle, gem embroidery, etc., it is very heavy and looks more gorgeous than the common snowshoes. It has a sense of rock and roll. In addition to the super unique appearance of all wool style, very test match skills, there are a lot of portable walking sports snow boots style. 


MOU is a fashion designer, very young. The popular snowshoe series is ESKIMO series, which USES crystal gems, metal leather, ribbon buckles and so on to create gorgeous retro style snow boots. Compared with the traditional plump and flat style, the version is more three-dimensional, slender, narrow and looks lighter. There are also many breakthroughs in materials, such as wool stitching, velvet and so on. Both long and short canisters are available, but shorter canisters are recommended, which look more like a heavier canvas shoe and are easier to match.


SOREL is a Canadian brand of outdoor snow boots, so compared with traditional snow boots, SOREL pays more attention to waterproof, cold-proof and skate-proof fitting, and can be worn in the weather of minus 40 degrees. The biggest modelling characteristic is the rubber material of forefoot sole, need not worry about getting wet and dirty in heavy rain and snow days, very solid wear. The hair on the inside of the shoe is also removable, easy to clean and can be worn for a long time without any problems, as well as the design of invisible wedge heels. She also has a presence in the fashion industry and has collaborated with top Parisian fashion house Colette on crossover pieces.

After choosing the right snow boots, consider matching them. Actually the method of the simplest foundation: follow snowshoe design agile, the two principles that trouser leg place is agile, ability looks not slovenly. The perfect length of a snowshoe is just where your leg starts to get thinner, with a contrasting finish. The closer you match your pants to your snow boots, the longer your legs will look, so don't look too out of place.


Hopefully these will help you choose the right type of snow boots for you.

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