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Some tips about snow boots

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Some tips about snow boots

- Choose the right snow boots and maintain them for a more stylish look


Whenever in the winter, there are a lot of female friends quickly took out his own snow boots, but most people don't like to wear old, after all, for reasons of material, might seem dirty, or look less fashionable in a year later, this time we need to choose a new pair. So when we want to buy snow boots, what are the main materials to choose from?


There is a few on market is calfskin make, look is smoother, and flexibility is very good also, it is the time that wears normally longer, also won't be out of shape easily, belong to good material to pledge so. Still have a plenty of make with abrasive skin, sometimes feel like there is so a little rough, but still more durable, especially even if encounter rain and snow also do not need to worry, usually nursing up relatively easy, but sometimes there are obvious traces, and even discoloration.


Some are made of sheepskin, which is the softest and most comfortable, but also breathable, so you don't need to worry about unpleasant smells, especially if the surface is prone to damage, so it's best to wear it less in bad weather and road conditions. Still have material to pledge to use head layer skin, the intensity of this kind of material is taller, and feel is softer also, the effect of extensibility is good also, price is a little bit more expensive normally. Still have 2 skins, namely the 2nd skin on animal body, the price wants a bit cheaper than former a few, ventilated effect is good also.


With that said, what do we look for when we're looking for snow boots? The affirmation that platoon is in the first is comfortable degree, namely soft hard degree, a few big brand can use rubber foam-bottom normally, it is more wear-resisting, and wear the feeling on the foot to compare lightsome also, ok priority consideration so. Let can smell the inside and general said quality is good, there will be no special pungent taste, especially the smell of glue, but leave the smell of the fur, if we feel the heavy taste, even put a period of time still remain, then maybe it contains some toxic substances.


Next, we also need to feel with the hand, the general said the quality is good, it feels special smooth and soft, and the inside of the hair is thick, give a person a kind of feel very comfortable and warm feeling, on the contrary if it feels a bit rough, especially the inside of the coat thickness is different, so the quality is not good. If we usually choose those big brands, there will be anti-counterfeiting, so need to check, especially not in the store to buy, careful will be cheated.


Try it on if you can. When you put your feet in it, you will feel surrounded by the furry environment. And if we want to make sure it's wool, we can pull out some and burn it, which smells like our hair is burning. When we finally get the boots we want, it's important to know how to care for them so they last longer.


For example, every other period of time need to clean, and the specific method is to be able to prepare warm water first, and then the upper will be wet, a lot of people will simply put the shoes into immersion, but do not put in hot water, otherwise it will hurt the material, and even may lead to glue. We need to prepare a soft brush, and then use a neutral lotion to gently wipe the surface, such as a soft toothbrush can also, when we thoroughly brush the stain clean, can squeeze out all the excess water.


Then we need to let it dry naturally. Many people put it directly in the sun, which is a mistake, and it's better to keep the bottom up during the drying process, which saves time. Sometimes we find that there seems to be a small size after washing, but after wearing it will slowly recover. In addition to cleaning, we can also maintain the boots from time to time. If the boots are not waterproof, we can buy waterproof spray products by ourselves. After all, it is necessary in winter, and there will be snow in many places.


We should prepare a professional brush at ordinary times, when the shoe surface color is not even or there are some dust, along the grain is required to gently brush, if it is the relatively soft material, you need to control their own strength, or is likely to appear wear away, if is especially dirty parts, can be wiped repeatedly, we need to clean finish with the brush. There are a lot of nursing products on market additionally, some can have clean effect, some can maintain glossiness to wait a moment. It is best to prepare a shoe brace so that after taking it off, you can be sure that it has been shaped.


The most important part is, how do you make snow boots fashionable?


The length of the boots

The length of the boots can be chosen according to your height, but unless you are a tall woman with thin, long legs, it is generally not recommended that the boots go through the mid-leg, because unlike traditional boots, they are looser, and knee-high boots can make you look fat.


Don't wear baggy pants

Generally we match the dress also has the principle, top tight bottom loose or is top panasonic tight, so tie-in snow boots also is this principle, snow boots itself is very loose, you match a loose pants to wear again, are you going to put pants in or down? Very strange, must be in baggy look very thick legs is very short, and take two steps came out, but put it down, ugg boots to see boots tube, a bit like a pair of old cotton shoes, very sloppy, so the correct tees is tie-in a tight pants to wear, so thick boots tube and thin legs a comparison, will appear very fine legs.


Don't buy boots with bristles

First is not to buy boots mouth hairy, actually you should have seen at the mall, there are some snow boots in the location of the well is a ring of flash design, it looks as if also have the feeling of autumn and winter, but the boots of the design is really easy to show short sloppy, because snow boots shoes is less a pedicure, big fat, so if you want to wear a high quality, simple, is all the more simple the more good-looking, this flash really gild the lily, also a bad match clothes, appear very sloppy, but with this line may also affect your legs, let a leg look shorter, it is easy to show short. So people should not wear snow boots of this style, the kind of naked best look.

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