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Talk about desert boots

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Talk about desert boots

- Generally speaking, desert combat boots are light, stable, good air permeability, and can prevent sand grain drilling, do not need to wipe oil, have a certain lightning protection ability.


Since ancient times, people have always maintained high standards for boots. Even in the army, "the appearance of military boots and the footsteps on the march are powerful weapons of the army. Many people are impressed by James Bond's cool appearance in the desert battle with his antagonist in the James Bond film, and his desert boots are a plus. With the increasing popularity of desert trekking in recent years, more and more people are treating the desert not as a destination of fear, but as a land of promise. Let's talk about today's main character: desert boots.


When you think of desert boots, you naturally think of American soldiers in digital camouflage with M4 carbines. During the second world war, a sentry a station in west Africa and the UK in one hundred the fourth generation successor Nathan footwear experts Clarks family Clark, join the army, found a simple leisure comfortable classic marching against fur boots, improved design was carried out on the back, put the two pieces of shoes drilled 2, 3 for lace-up front hole, convenience of our customers adjust body elastic shoe and clothing; The front and back two soft skins are tightly sewn together, marked by orange stitches. This is the ancestor of desert boots.


The desert boot's reputation, too, depends on war. At the beginning of the gulf war, American ground troops wore black boots with holes in them. When operating in the desert, it is simply too heavy, poorly camouflaged, and poorly insulated. For the us military, the quality of boots is not only related to the health of soldiers, but also affects the combat effectiveness of the military. At the urging of the military, wilco, which has a history of 50-year boots, and five other companies began rapidly designing military boots for combat in the desert, and came up with a satisfactory sample shortly after Thanksgiving 1991.


Compared with the full-leather boots, the desert boots do have some advantages: they are made of Hairy sandy brown skin and Corduola material, which are much lighter than the half-leather bush boots before them. The soles are panama soles molded from synthetic rubber. The lining is made of CoolMax material, with good heat dissipation and air permeability. Insulated leather soles and removable activated charcoal insoles make the user more comfortable. The drain hole was cancelled. In addition, the sole of the boot was designed without the puncture screen, and a honeycomb aluminum protective layer was added to reduce the degree of mine damage to the foot.


Generally speaking,desert combat boots are light, stable, good air permeability, and can prevent sand grain drilling, do not need to wipe oil, have a certain lightning protection ability. At present, the most popular type 07 desert boots in China are made of large area of head track leather rice fabric, ankle ministry, heel and shoe curtain are all padded fabric, which not only increases the comfort, but also can protect the ankle and joints. Type 07 combat boots basically have no liner, a thin layer of canvas is wrapped in ankle place, cross obstacle when want to touch reinforced concrete really, painful grit one's teeth is common also. Besides grinding the foot and pinching the toe, airtightness is also the main problem of type 07 combat boots.


We know that choosing good desert boots is important, but how do we choose? 


Low strength characteristics: sole pattern is almost flat or small and latent intensive pattern, some have a small drainage channel. Advantage: sole is thin, bend the footstep that benefits to walk easily is bent. Decorative pattern density or almost flat and hemp dot shape, sole and ground contact area is very big, sole rubber is soft, have very good antiskid performance so, reflect in smooth stone ground especially, suit city ceramic tile, tarred road and build the relatively level road such as the step with good build by laying bricks and stones. Weakness: wear-resisting degree is not enough, sole is thinner, support performance is poorer.


Features: low intensity sole grain, but the sole pattern shows more meticulous, type was more fragile, easy to bend but has a certain supporting, in order to improve the comfort, of walking to the natural curve in the top of the shoe before natural become warped, and plane form larger Angle, additional shoes head and tail some increases power points, the sole rubber is still soft, with his nails on the elastic. Advantages: the weight of the shoe body is light, so there will be no heavy feeling on the feet. The natural bending of walking is relatively easy, which can suit more and wider terrain. The wearing range is enlarged, and the overall protection of the feet is better. Weakness: sole strength and support sex are general.


Medium and medium high strength: the grain of sole continues to deepen, decorative pattern is no longer small and fragmental, begin to become chunk to be like distribution, rubber USES carbonization outsole hardness to increase, begin to pay more attention to support performance and the ground performance that hold to rough ground, shoe body is not easy bend, shoe head front becomes warped Angle to reduce. Advantages: better protection for feet, good support performance of sole, great adaptability to gravel road and other special road surface, strength improvement, good grip performance for rough ground. Weakness: comfortable degree decreases, common wear has board foot and hard feeling, breathable change bad, slippery on slippery stone and other material.


High intensity (special use) : sole grain reaches deepest grade, sole bend cannot bend, sole carbonization composition also reaches highest, anyhow one word can describe is "hard". Advantages: special purpose, support as on the board, hardness as there is a shell, complete protection, good insulation. Disadvantages: basically walking has been unable to bend, weight in all levels is the heaviest, poor comfort, usually unable to wear.


As the old saying goes, only the feet know whether the shoes are good or not. Make sure you have the right desert boots.

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