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The history of Caterpillar rhubarb boots

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The history of Caterpillar rhubarb boots

Since 1925, Caterpillar has experienced many financial crises and economic cycle changes in its nearly century-long development process, which enabled Caterpillar to keep growing through experience, constantly seek breakthroughs in the trough and forge ahead bravely. In carter's nearly one hundred years of development and brand culture, as the world's largest manufacturer of industrial equipment, Caterpillar has owned its own brand of shoes since 1904.Initially, the Caterpillar is to want to blue-collar workers to operate the equipment to create the most strong shoes, let them work in the feet can get very good protection, so the image of the Caterpillar shoes like his crane, excavator, from design to the color remains "tough guy" image, color is given priority to with brown, black, thick soles, very simple sense.



At the beginning of world war I in 1914, holt shipped 1,200 tractors to Britain, France and Russia. Although these tractors were originally used for agricultural production, the warring armies used them to transport artillery and supplies. Colonel e.d. Smith, of the British army, saw Caterpillar's tractor in action and invented the tank on the principle of its tracks. Tank design in world war I was inspired by caterpillar's Caterpillar tractor. With its relationship with the U.S. army armory, Caterpillar quickly expanded its plant to produce more than 5,000 tractors for the Allies. Caterpillar became famous for its involvement in the development of army machinery, and orders began pouring in for the fast-growing Caterpillar, which was incorporated in California in 1925.


The improved CAT is used in production and leisure life. Its outsole is wear-resistant, skidproof and anti-static, etc. Its upper is made of 2.2mm bee-ma leather, which is wear-resistant in nature and its waterproof performance is also first-class. Brand since 1925, CATerpillar is the carter CATerpillar as the name of the company. In 1990, carter CATerpillar began making a line of industrial boots to meet the needs of engineers and mechanics. In 1994, carter CAT shoes were officially launched into the market, becoming the choice of young people.


In 1996, carter CAT shoes initiated and launched Hidden Track transparent sole technology. In 1998, the carter CAT shoe introduced Techniflex technology, which greatly increased the flexibility of the front foot when worn. In 2004, carter CAT shoes initiated and launched iTECH series, which combines the comfort of sneakers and the firmness of overshoes. In 2007, carter CAT shoes followed the trend with the launch of WOMEN's Collection, bringing fashion and technology together once again. Today, there are more and more cat shoes to cater to the fashion trend, but the cat shoes are still the "original" shoes, and until 2019, the cat shoes are still one of the most popular shoes for young people.


Not only that, but it's also worth remembering the history behind carter. Some 45 years ago, the Apollo 11 spacecraft successfully returned to earth after the first mission to the moon. Caterpillar played an important role in Apollo 11's communications system. There were seven Cat engines at the tracking station in Bermuda, which confirmed missions, sent commands, and received messages from the spacecraft.


It's worth noting that caterpillar has a long history of cameo appearances, dating back to the 1920s.Let's take a look at Caterpillar's role on the Oscars and Hollywood stage over the years.


Caterpillar first appeared on the screen in the 1927 silent film Man Power. The Caterpillar tractor stole the show from the leading actors Richard Dix and Mary Brian and became one of the highlights of the film. The movie is mainly about a dam that is about to be blown up and threatens the safety of the residents. The emergence of a holt10-ton Caterpillar tractor successfully solves the crisis, saves the residents and becomes a superhero in people's mind. It is reported that at that time Holt 2 tons of Caterpillar tractor also directly in front of the movie theater, to achieve a good publicity effect, suddenly, Caterpillar tractor became the focus of attention.


If Man Power, the silent movie of 1927, is too far away from us, then skyfall, the popular movie, is probably more familiar. In this movie, there are two iconic elements, one is James Bond, the other is Caterpillar. The film opens with Daniel Craig's James Bond operating a Cat digger on a moving high-speed train. As we all know, the James Bond films are famous for their action-packed openings, so this movie has made the Cat digger a hit.


In the future, carter CAT will further improve, strengthen and expand friendly cooperative relations by combining the concept of future city and its unique advantages in business model innovation, technological innovation and enterprise innovation culture. While providing high-quality products, carter CAT is also committed to becoming the most reliable global partner of China, which is a beautiful chapter written by Caterpillar for realizing the beautiful vision of "mutual benefit and win-win".

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