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Top boot king- Danner

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Top boot king- Danner

- Since its birth in Portland, USA in 1932, Danner has been synonymous with top shoes and boots, and is recognized as the "rolls Royce of shoes and boots".



Danner has been making boots to the highest standards since 1932 and is recognized as the "Rolls-Royce of boots". Mainly produces outdoor sports and military footwear, its products include outdoor, leisure, classic, business, military police, overalls, hunting and other series. Known as one of the top four boots in the United States. To this day, Danner still insists on using hand-made boots and pays great attention to details, quality and performance to ensure that the boots made by Danner can be used for a long time, safely and comfortably.


Danner products due to extremely strict material selection, manufacturing and quality inspection, Danner military and police products with nearly perfect quality can pass the military including rain infiltration, muddy environment, gravel ground, hail, sand and other harsh tests, and often get the purchase order of special forces and law enforcement departments.


图片20Danner has great craftsmanship and every step is admirable. Firstly, Choose the highest grade leather. Only by ensuring the quality of raw materials, can Danner's products have the foundation for excellence. Every piece of leather is different, so every piece of leather has to go through six tests to judge its quality -- tear strength, thickness, hardness, thickness of leather, waterproof test and visual inspection. None of this is done mechanically or automatically, but manually by Danner's craftsmen. Hand-tested, hand-graded leather makes better boots, and every detail makes Danner's product different


Secondly, Hand cut leather material, to create a higher standard. When you cut leather by hand, you can only cut one piece at a time. Only in this way can the best part of the leather material be selected for cutting. This is the only way to ensure that only the best parts of the leather are used. What makes Danner's uncompromising fit is the stitching, almost the entire boot, of the hand stitched. Do not take shortcuts to speed up production, because fit, strong and durable, it takes time to build.


Thirdly, Vibram soles. The mark of a true craftsman is to make sure that every year, year after year, the product meets the standard. This is why Danner USES Vibram soles. The Vibram logo that people are looking for in the soles of their shoes is a sign of quality. The expertise behind Vibram, combined with the skills of the Danner craftsman, is what makes the Vibram shoes so great.


In addition, Refurbishment - Danner's artisans do not make disposable shoes. Over time, people have feelings for boots. Danner does his best to fix and return their shoes. When renovating, you can change everything except the vamp. Even those that look like they've been taken out of the trash can get a facelift. Danner will polish it and change the soles. When the refurbishment is done, the boots will be as good as new and will last another 10 or 20 years. Well-made shoes can last a long time. Reconditioned shoes last a long time. Some people will change the outsole 2,3 or even 4 times until the upper fails. Danner can replace a lot of things in boots, lining, bone, midsole, outsole, sewing, hardware. Danner retrofits according to production standards, hand retrofits by artisans one at a time. Shoes can be renovated because they are of high quality.


On February 21, 2019, the international classic boot brand Danner, Jia Yi along the yellow road in Beijing held a grand into the Chinese market conference, nostalgia in the United States the scene atmosphere, key customers from all over the country, the media and fans Danner together to watch the road to the history of the Danner, feel the handmade boots is rigorous, share classic products and experience, cheerful and lively. We all witnessed the historic moment when the legendary boots officially landed in China.



Maybe you like Danner for his nostalgia, respect, or appreciation of the power of simple design...But whatever the reason, the legendary boots are still recognized and increasingly loved today. Now, Danner is bringing his promise to "set higher standards" to China.


After the event, Dave Carlson, executive vice President and chief financial officer of Danner, explained Danner's brand history and gave a new perspective on Danner's entry into China. During this period, Dave issued a letter of authorization to the agent in mainland China, the general manager of Gao Run ren and company in Beijing. In return, the general manager also presented handicrafts souvenirs with Chinese characteristics. This marks the official beginning of the legendary boot -Danner's trip to China


The day's event features a graffiti tire wall, an outdoor lifestyle zone display, and ubiquitous American elements that showcase Danner's Portland, ore., background, outdoor DNA, and trend influence. Through the picture wall and product wall of handmade boots, media and consumers can see the charm and unmatched superb quality of Danner handmade boots.


After the activity, everybody had a try to the shoe money that likes to oneself, experienced the unique quality of classic boot and glamour personally.


Danner has won great reputation and trust from consumers abroad, whether it's traditional work wear, outdoor style, hunting style, military police style, or the new Stumptown style. Danner's user team includes even the most elite U.S. special operations seals. Danner did not give up the pursuit of fashion trend while insisting on his cutting-edge quality. He innovated on traditional shoes and developed shoes that are more avant-garde and more in line with modern aesthetics, which also made Danner win the love and attention of more young people around the world.


We believe that Danner will create a brilliant future in China by adhering to the tradition and excellent quality of handmade boots.

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