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Top traditional handicraft shoemaking -SZE

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Top traditional handicraft shoemaking -SZE

              -SZE each pair of shoes carries the subtext of "contradiction and opposition"


On November 20, 2016, Lucile Zachary fashion avant-garde designer pioneering French made-to-order luxury brand shoes custom SZE today art museum in Beijing successfully hosted the new Chinese press conference series shoes Ms, the uphold the spirit of pure elegant Paris brand in 120 years of history, the continuation of the classic shoe and the men's shoes craft tanning process, first on the list of European four shoes design master brand based on thinking fashion and art director Mr Sylvvian Zacharie self, relationship with the world, The design of black buckled ankle boots, black rib lacing patent leather loafers, whole leather Oxford with leather sole, whole leather Oxford with thick leather sole, perforated calfskin Derby shoes, three-layer leather simple Derby shoes, black retro buckled Derby shoes, a total of seven types of shoes, thus advocating to wear your own life attitude.


At once all the rage now agitation restoring ancient ways is to wanton global, people increasingly believe that sexy grace can be fairly under the blunt set was infinitely inspired, hale and hearty, more people are keen to match a pair of shoes that hale to highlight their contour, SZE new retro series for this arises at the historic moment. SZE Asia-pacific President Mr KIM, and a.'s general manager, said these unique shoes to meet the man subverts the traditional, show individual character life desire, adhering to the male aesthetics, SZE every pair of shoes to spawn the subtext of "contradiction, opposition and rigorous detail design shows strong gender contradictions, nearly conflict, singular overflowing with joy and sensual pleasure.


In the 1990s, Sille Zachary successfully pushed the high-end customized shoes with solemn and complicated craftsmanship of French aristocrats to a simple and comfortable casual design. On the design of novel and unique, and strive to tailoring exquisite, style decent, in the early 70 s with the followers of its unique shoemaking skills combined with leisure fashionable elements blend to create the French aristocrat fashion leisure shoes, Lucile Zachary after decades of design and process improvement, create top customers in experience, combines elements from the French romantic fashion leisure, classical to modern vividly mix together, give a person the visual, elegant and fashionable amorous feelings become a kind of style of fashion and elegant nobility.


图片4Like SZE's world-famous luxury gentleman shoes, the new design for women also features the famous SZE leather sole. As long as eight months to a year, the natural plant tanning process, which is listed as the intangible cultural heritage of the world, has endowed the shoes with more exquisite manufacturing technology and comfortable wearing sense. SZE high-end custom range offers customers over 100 different kinds of leather, such as calfskin, anti-fur, patent leather, rare leather and so on. All SZE shoe styles can be customized, giving customers more opportunities to make their own choices. In addition, there are up to seven different widths of the same size, allowing guests to better experience the unique wearability and comfort of hand-made luxury footwear.


Since the establishment of SZE shoe-making workshop, the aristocrats and the upper classes admired its reputation and were in short supply. SZE has always been known for her personality and fashion, catering to the trend of The Times, and is a synonym for a gentleman and a socialite.


In 1960, France issued a decree to encourage artisanal workshops to set up branches, providing financial and policy support. SZE has also begun to open branches across Europe, catering to European aristocrats and upper classes with bespoke footwear.


The seemingly smooth SZE also experienced a very dark time before the establishment of the shoemaking workshop. In 1956, the outbreak of the party revolution, the royal family was once suppressed, the court shoemaker was also dare to go to the clothing factory responsible for washing. Heavy work and an outbreak of flu eventually SZE got the flu. Still, SZE didn't fall. After the revolution tide passed, SZE resumed his old job and opened his own shoemaking workshop, which specialized in helping the nobility and upper class to make shoes.


In 1971, SZE was awarded the order of honor by France. At this time, his wife gave birth to his first son. To commemorate the birth of his son, she designed the "SZE newborn" series of handmade shoes, which became very popular. SZE once said, "shoes are the most intimate part of us. They also have their own personality, so I insist on making the shoes that fit the era best. As the most understand your friends, to provide you with the most intimate feelings. And like a child, with a distinctive personality that makes those who wear it stand out from the millions,"


The reason why SZE can become a custom-made shoe pursued by gentlemen and celebrities is that, First, SZE shoes show the unique charm of handmade customization SZE haute couture shoes is for the appreciation of the real appreciation of the tasters set up services, they recognized SZE as the most first-class home of handmade shoes. SZE haute couture shoes have exquisite construction design, practical and durable wear, and exquisite and aesthetic appearance design, which is a fine tradition of SZE family. From design great master to depict shoe form at first exquisitely begin, every brushwork is easy and rigorous, proper, this is in outstanding become in draft all show completely, the design of downy inside collect looks be like downplay, make a person marvel however. The final design must be thoroughly considered, and every standard must meet the most stringent requirements for customization, including aesthetics, material selection, and comfort! ZE haute couture shoes are made by hand from the initial selection of leather, the beginning of cutting, to the final stamping of SZE brand Logo. Manual coloring alone takes 15 different steps, so each pair may take four weeks to appear. What is more, advancing with The Times and carrying the noble charm of handmade customization, it has also cultivated many excellent young craftsmen and designers. Superior craftsmanship and design deposits have promoted SZE brand products to the people pursuing global quality. And the design concept they uphold has never changed -- the modern personality of SZE.



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