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Traditional Chinese culture——Sandals racing

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Traditional Chinese culture——Sandals racing

The 11th traditional Chinese ethnic minority sports games are held in Zhengzhou, Henan province on September 8, 2019.The sport was held in Henan university of technology, with 28 provincial and municipal teams participating. Each team representative participates in the board shoes race item competition athlete altogether 12, divides into the male and female each two teams.


Board shoes racing is a group of three, testing the coordination and unity of athletes." If one of the players is distracted, it will affect the other two teammates and affect the result of the game." Said the varsity coach. For  athletes' daily training, the coach has his own unique training method, and does not arrange too much training time for the athletes. When the athletes' emotions fluctuate greatly, he will take a reasonable way to guide the athletes. During the eight-month training, patience is what the athletes need to maintain all the time. The coach has said that this patience is reflected not only in the endurance of hot weather, but also in the physical toughness under certain training intensity and the cooperation between athletes.


The speed of skis is determined by the number of athletes who put their feet on the same pair of skates to compete on the track and field . The shoes are made of wood with a length of 100 cm, a width of 9 cm and a thickness of 3 cm. Every board shoe has 3 width to protect sufficient face skin for 5 centimeters, fix the distance that sets board shoe respectively on, protect skin to cover tight instep is advisable. The front edge of the first piece of leather is 7 cm away from the front of the shoes. The second piece of leather is in the middle of the first piece of leather and the third piece of leather. The third piece of leather is 15 cm away from the end of the shoes.


The competition is divided into two categories: individual competition and relay competition. The individual events include 60 meters of men's three-man board shoes, 100 meters of men's three-man board shoes, 60 meters of women's three-man board shoes, and 100 meters of women's three-man board shoes. The relay competition refers to the competition that consists of multiple groups of athletes who transfer the baton from the starting point to the final destination through the prescribed distance. Each team is limited to two relay events. The relay includes the 2 x 100m men's three-man board shoes relay, the 2 x 100m women's three-man board shoes relay and the 4 x 100m men's and women's mixed relay. In the mixed relay, the first and third legs are women's and the second and fourth legs are men's. In the competition, the time less place row. In the case of heats, rematches and finals, the final result shall prevail.


At first, the board shoes were not made of wood, and they were not called board shoes. Instead, they were made of wide bamboo pieces, which were tied to two or three people's feet in half. They were called wooden shackles.


Skateboard racing is a traditional sport of Zhuang nationality, which originated in Ming dynasty. According to legend, during the reign of emperor Jiajing of the Ming dynasty, Guangxi Zhuang nationality heroine madame watts used shoes to train soldiers' solidarity and cooperation. Later, Nandan county that state Zhuang people imitate Mrs. Watts training methods, carry out three people board shoes sports entertainment, phase xi into custom, spread until now.


The sport of board shoes contains rich cultural significance. At the very beginning, its military function showed the national consciousness formed by the Zhuang people in the historical changes, and transformed the powerful military culture spirit of unity, unity and courage into the collective concept and overall momentum of the nation. This form of training is highly accepted by the Zhuang people and widely spread among the people . With the passage of time, the original function of serious military discipline of the board shoes faded and evolved into daily entertainment games.


The main characteristics of sports are the same pace, flexible walking, and natural coordination. The folk traditional three-person sports include group dance , yangko dance, boxing and so on. All the sports need the players' concerted efforts and tacit cooperation. In 1987, for the first time, the skateboard shoe racing was included in the performance of the fifth traditional ethnic minority sports games held in Guangxi. In 1993, at the eighth traditional sports meeting of ethnic minorities held in Guangxi, the skateboard and shoe racing officially became a competition item. In 1995, Guangxi recommended the sport of skateboarding and shoe racing to the national traditional sports games of ethnic minorities, and it became a performance sport in the fifth, sixth and seventh national traditional sports games of ethnic minorities . In 2005, the Chinese ethnic affairs commission and the general administration of sport of China approved the inclusion of the sport as an official competition in the traditional sports games of ethnic minorities in China . In 2007, the sport of three-man skateboard shoes officially became the eighth traditional sports event of ethnic minorities in China, and was named as the speed of skateboard shoes according to the characteristics of the competition.


Nowadays, this ancient competitive sport is gradually going to the world. Chinese overseas students often use it for various recreational activities in their leisure time. Many foreigners see the sports shoes, are also attracted by its competitive, sports and entertainment.

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