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Wear Converse to battle

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Wear Converse to battle

- The second world war from the quality, reputation to Converse's development of great help


Founded in the early 20th century American sports shoes brand "Converse", speaking of Converse, absolutely is the trend on behalf of canvas shoes, Converse (Converse) in 1908, the founder of Marquis m. Converse gave his name to his creation of the Rubber shoes factory "Converse Rubber Shoe Company", began to make related products in the factory, is not only a canvas shoes, like gloves and other Rubber products manufacturing. And because the rubber bottom of canvas shoe is wear-resisting, use fixed number of year is longer, be loved by people at that time. In 1917, the first pair of Converse All Star appeared, which created the current Converse myth.


In 1960, just like Beijing old cloth shoes, almost all Americans had such a pair of Converse canvas shoes, which was much crazier than the current market. It could be said that Converse was in its most glorious era. Few people on the basketball court gave reasons for their skills, and few blamed their loss on the shoes.


Since world war  Converse has been producing shoes for the army. But at that time, he only used his own production line to perform the functions of production machinery for the state and contract the production of military materials. He did not carry out special development and research for the military.


As we All know, Converse's most familiar shoes are of course its canvas shoes, and its all-star basketball shoes are known as the "Rolls-Royce" of canvas shoes. Along with Coca-Cola and McDonald's, it has been an iconic symbol of American culture since the last century.


After the end of the second world war, we also saw the vigorous development of the form of special operations throughout the cold war. More and more armies began to try to use the form of special operations to carry out the so-called "ant-like" unconventional means of warfare, among which underwater penetration is one of the most familiar forms of special operations.


In the 1960 s, with the outbreak of the Vietnam war, like the United States Marine corps reconnaissance unit, navy underwater demolition team (UDT) even when just establish the navy seals are along the river to cast their special skill, implementation of underwater penetration and delta coastal operations, they are also used for a long period of time wading. It may also have been the idea of the humble soldier who started using converse to perform a task for simple reasons: they were lighter than boots, had thicker soles and were less bothered by underwater or near-shore surfaces.


More and more soldiers are buying converse sneakers, nicknamed "swim shoes" by the navy's underwater demolition corps (UDT). This has also gradually made the military procurement department began to pay attention to the importance of this. It wasn't long before the army placed orders for specially made canvas shoes from converse. This so-called "special production", however, is specially designed for the military priority open production line, the shoes itself and without any special improvement, even in the military procurement department with Converse shoes for troops, still marked its role as the "basketball shoes", although at that time, we all know, the soldiers wearing these shoes is wading operations.


Even during the gulf war of the 1990s, Converse sneakers were still issued to units dedicated to near-shore operations, and they were hard to see on the surface, probably because of the military's own production line.


With the development of diving equipment, special diving shoes more and more suitable for underwater operations have emerged one by one. Shoes like Converse canvas shoes, which seem to be directly "taken" from the civilian street, have faded out of the sight of the military procurement department, and the purchase of Converse canvas shoes is no longer unified. While the military no longer has an NSN code or purchases Converse sneakers, there are still plenty of examples of the shoes being used by the Marine corps reconnaissance unit, which is still known for its near-shore beachhead penetration operations, perhaps in the tradition of its predecessors.


Of course, when it comes to traditional or some overweight, for them, the Converse canvas shoes is really too light, rather than choose single-purpose diving shoes, might as well use of Converse canvas shoes to this, they said the United States Marine corps reconnaissance troops now use the "Converse" canvas shoes may be due to no longer restricted by the military procurement department, are each battalion and company level units themselves for group purchasing, some even brought by the soldiers themselves, so we can see clearly on the shoes Converse trademark logo of their own.

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