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What are training boots?

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What are training boots?

- As the name suggests, boots are worn in training.


What are training boots? A lot of people can exist such a doubt, but for a lot of people who love sports, there is still a certain basic understanding of training boots. Its full name is comprehensive training shoe, which is designed for athletes to train their reaction in basic sports. Some people call it "all-around boot".


Training boots are worn by professional athletes when they are training their reactions and basic movements. They are suitable for a variety of sports. Also known as the "all-around boot", it can be worn by non-professional athletes for more than three kinds of non-professional sports, including tennis, badminton and table tennis.


Since it is used for professional sports, of course, athletes wear it during sports. The training here points to basic training especially, main purpose is the crus muscle that exercises an athlete and reaction speed. But in addition to professional athletes, there are many people who choose these shoes in certain sports. Training shoes are also called "non-professional tennis boots", so it can be seen that it is often used in tennis, in addition to badminton, table tennis sports can also often see the shadow of training boots. Because of the uniqueness of the boots, they are also very suitable for jogging.


How to choose a good training boot?


Flat feet, that is, without visible arches. The footprints are clear and complete, and the medial curve of the foot is not concave inward. This means that when you run, the balls of your feet turn inward, leading to fatigue and injury from overuse of the arches. Need to choose the training shoe with better stationarity right now. Boots with "step adjustment" or "smooth movement", or with double soles, are a good choice.


The arch of the foot is high and the curve of the inside of the foot is obviously curved inward. This is the rarest form of foot. When you run, the ball of your foot turns outward. And because the arch of the foot does not relieve most of the vibration, it will have a greater impact on the other joints of the leg. Runners with high arches should regularly resize their feet, as long running can cause the arch to sag and the ball of the foot to grow. People with high arches should choose shoes that are elastic and have soft midsole that absorb shock. Shoes labeled "high elasticity" and "cushioned cushioning" are a good choice. Avoid smooth training boots.


Normal foot arch, print is the half of area of sole of the foot about, this belongs to normal foot type. The selection of training boots is wide. Nowadays, athletic shoe category on market is various, qualitative design is multifarious, often make consumer when dazzling, make right choice very hard when buying. There are two main things to look for when choosing a sneaker that suits you.


Above all, need to make clear is the specific circumstance that shoe money wears. The classification of sports shoes is very fine, just ordinary visible on the market have basketball shoes, tennis shoes, soccer shoes, jogging shoes, outdoor shoes, comprehensive training, etc., this thoughtful footwear segment in a more scientific manner provide comfortable experience for consumers, because of different sports occasions to human body caused by friction and damage degree is different.



Let's take a look at our Minimalist Training Boot. The training using full grain leather light brown leather boots and 1000 d take an examination of the nylon fabric of the instep, natural fiber, smooth and elastic soothing support for your feet, and a synthetic nylon solid, no lining single-layer cloth shoes to help and highly breathable, suitable for wear in hot weather environment, at the same time very light, no more than two pounds a pair of boots. 


77Durable soles provide strong protection for the entire boot, herringbone soles and soles. With excellent wear resistance and stability, good anti - slip, anti - oil penetration. EVA film buffer middle bottom, play a role in strengthening and vibration. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of high mobility training, combined with the concept of minimalist running shoes, the gap between the heel and the front foot is only 2mm, which is infinitely close to barefoot flat shoes. Low soles allow you to get a clear sense of the terrain under your feet and adjust your pace and orientation.


The Achilles tendon filling is designed to increase thickness to avoid discomfort while protecting the vulnerable parts of the injured foot. Single density EVA insole, can adapt to different foot contour, provide comfortable inside wearing feeling, at the same time, detachable, easy to take out and clean at any time, to prevent odor. One-piece ultra-thin high-density woven nylon shoe tongue prevents the entry of fine sand and gravel, giving full protection to the foot. Double - line and triple - lane stitching to further enhance the durability of the boots.


There are 16 shoelace holes in total, including 8 quick shoelace buttons in the upper, which are very convenient to put on and take off, giving you a fast lacing feeling. The design of drainage ventilation hole in the lower part of the shoe further increases the air permeability, which can be discharged quickly even if the shoe is filled with water, so as to keep your feet cool and dry to the maximum.


If it's the first time you've worn it, or if you didn't have a Vibram before? Five fingers minimalist shoe wearing experience, we suggest that you wear this pair of shoes before a slow transition, because this pair of shoes to mobilize your different parts of the feet and lower legs muscles, bring you different wearing feeling, so we suggest that in a few weeks before a proper interval, until the body gradually strengthen and adapt to and then gradually increase in time.


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