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Why are Martin boots so popular

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Martin boots, is a kind of leather boots, it has many color patterns. Black is the most traditional and brown is the most conservative. In addition, red, yellow, white, pink, blue, green, purple and so on are also very popular. Still have the grid of a lot of individual character vogue, decorative pattern, rivet wait for individual character popular element. Technically, Martin boots are divided into 8 holes, 10 holes, 14 holes and 20 holes.



There are two kinds of craftsmanship in Martin boots.


The first is a mechanized manufacturing process. The mechanical manufacturing processes on the market use a round false thread attached to the vamp. The disadvantage of the false thread is that it is so weak that it will burst soon.


The second is the manual manufacturing process. The real Martin boots are made by hand. The edge seam of Martin boots is sewn on the upper part of the shoes. It is divided into three layers.


Dr.Martens is an interesting sounding brand name, and the birth of this brand is also full of legend.


In 1945, a German doctor named Klaus Martens broke his foot while skiing in the Alps. During their recovery, Klaus Martens and a friend injected air into the rubber of their tires to make walking easier. They then registered the design as a health shoe for German women with leg problems or back pain. The shoes began to sell well in Europe in 1959.So Klaus Martens and his friends decided to sell the design to Britain's R.griggs group. The group has a long history of producing work shoes and military shoes.


One of the great things about Martin boots is that they look beautiful even if they are old and worn under your feet. Because of cutaneous concern, the material of Martin boot is very firm, and very elastic, wear of year after year can make boots cooperate master crus more and more. So everyone's Martin boots have a different shape in the end. It's like your friend.


Dr.Martens' first design was an 8-hole 1460.This design was originally designed for the Docklands patrol. Its Martin boot design was a hit. Therefore, it is logical to launch the market and become a cultural symbol of the trend of different times.


There is hardly a man in the UK who does not recognize this classic brand, and you have probably been a supporter of Dr.Martens since you were a student. The Airwair loop is a feature of Dr.Martens. The yellow line at the hem is the symbol of Dr.Martens throughout history.


Along with the birth of hippies in Britain, and the rise of gangs such as skinheads, the boot became a symbol of the subculture. Gavin Watson was a young skinhead follower at the time. Like the other skinheads, he had a shaved head and wore Martin boots. Back then, he recalls, they used to tear the leather off the top of Martin's boots to reveal a layer of iron inside, which they saw as a symbol of violence and destructive power. Dr.Martens became one of the symbols of rock music.


Dr.Martens' AirWair sole design has been a draw for years. In the modern fashion world, Dr.Martens' boots are recognized as the most comfortable in the world, and their classic appearance has become a must-have item for many boot lovers. At present, in addition to shoes, Dr.Martens also introduces clothing, stationery, bags and so on.


The history of Dr.Martens is certainly to be expected.


Dr.Martens first supplied uniform boots and shoes to the British army and police. It is also the work boot of workers in the manufacturing industry. By the 1970s, with the advent of punk music in Britain, the brand's shoes have slowly become a symbol of rock music.


On April 1, 1960, Dr. Martens took his first step in Northamptonshire, England. The first design, the 8-hole 1460, was originally designed for the Docklands patrol.


In the 1980s, Klaus Martens brought his boots to the catwalk, and Dr.Martens' boots were instantly fashionable.


Dr.Martens from the UK has about 3,000 pairs of shoes, and its classic shoes are also customized by the British police and the mailman. The most historic, however, is the Dr.Martens 1.4.608, named after the shoes made on April 1, 1960.The classic boots, which have not been modified for more than 40 years, have been regarded by different ethnic groups and cultures as the best way to express themselves since 1960.


Business restructuring in 2003.2004 global image and store style update. In 2005, it began to completely renovate the product lineup, starting with the canvas boots first launched in April, as the first step to rejuvenate the brand.


Dr.Martens then showed up with the words large and prominent. The most prominent feature of Dr.Martens 1460 Big Logo boots is that the 1460 classic eight-hole boots are printed with Dr.Martens' words with an Angle of about 45°.The first letter, D, is a full five centimeters. Although the big one is striking and the big one is distinctive, Dr.Martens' natural rebelliousness remains the same. Different colors of boots matching the color of the Logo, shaping an absolutely eye-catching style, of course, also symbolizes Dr.Martens brand confidence and determination to revive.

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